spiral staircase

shirt: primark
shorts: H&M
cardigan: H&M
leggings: topshop

Wasn't actually going to post this today, I was gonna leave it till Wednesday and post a Ask LLYMLRS on what I think makes a sucessful blog. But it isnt quite finished yet, It needs some tweaking, some images taken for it as well as a disclaimer written as I can imagine people getting offended by it *rolls eyes*. So ill switch it up a bit and do this today, and then the Q&A on Wednesday!

I am also sporting the giveaway bag purely for promotional purposes, I haven't used it so dont think your having my cast off's or anything! It is brand new and never been used! Just posed with! Today I opted for a topknot even though they make me look like a Victorian Nanny! Im having such bad hair days at the moment, . I bought this shirt from Primark while I was in London last week, I know its sheer, I know you can see my bra, before you scream "OMG U SLUT", I quite like the bra poking through a sheer shirt, I think it looks really cute! I may get a strapless bodysuit to go under it though for winter thought, I dont think my nips would forgive me!

I have a Calender Girls style shoot tomorrow morning (7:30 ugh!) for my friends Charity. I dont know if you guys have been reading for that long but my best friend died of cancer back in March, and I've been wanting to do something to raise money for it for a while now. I was going to do a marathon (hence why I run so much!) but Im still a bit worried Im not gonna be able to do that so when the opportunity to do a Calender girls thing for the charity I jumped at the chance. I am worried about getting my baps out in the bakery I used to work in (wheyy pun!) but hey, Its for a cause so close to my heart I'd happily do anything to raise money for him!


  1. LOVE that shirt! You have reignited my passion for Primark Lily!

    T x

  2. What a great thing to do, my Mum has suffered from Cancer for the last 2 years and it can be absolute hell. I am really sorry to hear about your loss but you are doing something amazing from it :)

    P.s look great in the top I love the bra and sheer blouse thing too. Its not slutty at all!

    R x


  3. Oh that's so sad that he died (RIP) but amazing that you are raising money for charity *big thumbs up* Good luck with the photo shoot =)
    Your hair looks great like that, love the outfit!!!!


  4. I almost bought that top earlier but there weren't any in my size ): Looks so lovely! I so wish I could wear a top knot, it really suits you. Good luck with the photoshoot, I'm so sorry to hear about your best friend, but its a great cause and event to raise money and help awareness! xxx

  5. ah lady, if you were in a fishnet body with your bra on show, i'd have a bit of a worry, but a sheer shirt and bra looks chic.

    not sure about the victorian nanny look though, ha! I'm not getting that at all - think your topknot pretty much rocks.

    a x

  6. gorgeous blouse!
    and im so sorry to hear about your friend. i'm studying in the hospital and it gets so depressing at times.
    thank god for those people who put such a positive light on such illnesses. :) x


  7. I´m so sorry to your friend, it had to be so hard for you.
    That blouse is amazing!!
    i love it


  8. Ohhh I need that shirt in my life <3
    You look fab here!

    It's so nice you're doing that shoot for charity in your friend's memory too :) xx

  9. Hi Lily,
    I've been following your blog for a while now, I absolutely love it. You do such a good job with it.

    I felt the need to comment on this post as I admire what you're doing for the charity. That's very brave of you, but for such a good cause.
    I've actually had a few friends die from cancer so it's something very close to my heart as well.
    Good luck with the shoot! Just remember why you're doing it and I'm sure you'll do fine.

    And on a happier note, I adore your shirt! :)

  10. Good Luck!! So sorry to hear about your friend, love that shirt wanted to buy it so bad the other day, never had enough money left. Look lovely, so want that bag.



  11. See your hair looks lovely! :P
    I love sheer tops, don't worry about the bra, the tops not completely see-through so its fine I say lol

    I think what you're doing for your friend is so wonderful! I hope you get to raise lots of money :)

  12. you look amazing! i thought you were wearing jeggins are first then realise you have shorts on. both would look equally good of course. i wish my hair would do that. you make me miss brown hair :(

  13. I tried that blouse on and it looked shocking on me! Love the print though :) xo

  14. gosh, i love ur style :)
    and have fun tomorrow ;D

  15. I actually love your hair like this. Top knots are perfect to turn a bad hair day into a good one. They also work wonderfully when you wear a scarf in the cold months.

  16. You look gorgeous! I absolutely adore your hair & makeup, the outfit is super cute as well! That's so awesome that you're doing the shoot for charity as well. I'm really sorry about your best friend :( xoxoxo

  17. Lily you are supremely awesome for doing that shoot. I remember reading about your best friend and crying and not even being able to imagine what it must feel like. Brave, brave girl for getting naked too! hehe.

    Also, that shirt is primark?! Amazing. x

  18. Love the shirt! i think i saw you walking in the street when i was in London... :P So nice blog i folllow you some time ago and i love it!

    Big kiss from: www.collagevintage.com

  19. Good for you for doing the nudey shoot, good luck! your so brave, I don't think i'd have the balls (or the boobs ;)) for that kind of thing. I hope you raise lots of money. :)

    Loving the green cardigan and blouse combonation. :) xx

  20. Aww Lily, that's so good of you to do the calendar for Joely :) I hope it goes well, don't be nervous, you'll look stunning! Hope you all raise lots of money. x

  21. Love that bow blouse! looks great with that green cardigan, love it! Doing something for charity, no matter how small can make such a difference and you'll feel great doing it!

  22. You are beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I don't know how I could cope, you're so brave. And also really brave to do that photo shoot! Good luck, I hope you raise the amount you want from it :) xx

  23. you look great with a topknot, it really does suit you! you look ever so pretty here, i adore the h&m cardigan. funnily enough i tried it on today, but i just wasn't sure if it suited me.

    how amazing, good luck with the photoshoot! my grandad died of cancer, my grandma had it and my cousin had cancer from the age twelve but survived (she's now 21), so this is also very close to my heart, too. xxx

  24. Oh I really love the shirt! And it's not too sheer so the bra doesn't look at all slutty. I'm having major Primark withdrawals being in France. They'd better have good stuff when I get home for Christmas because I'm planning on a Primark rampage.
    You don't look like a victorian nanny at all either, the top knot suits you!
    It's lovely that you're doing the calendar to raise money for such a good cause. I was going to do the marathon this year but had to forfeit my place a week before because of injury :( Definitely going to do it again in the next few years though, you should totally carry on working towards it!

  25. I love that shirt, its just the right kind of sheer if that makes sense!

  26. Good luck for the photoshoot, that's such a lovely thing to do. Your hair is amazing! xo

  27. Gorgeous blouse. Good luck for tomorrow as well x

  28. I love this outfit! But, I do think that you should straighten your hair more. It looks gorgeous like this also, but if you make it really straight or some pretty curls I think it would be beautiful! :)


  29. Love the look! You have the cutest sense of fashion with an edgy-chic twist!



  30. as always you have the most wonderful posts, your blog is lovely ♥ you are so inspirational!


  31. I feel so bad sometimes when they have donation bins for various causes around campus and I look at my poor empty wallet and grimace. I can't even donate blood because I'm too small. Anyway, its a great thing what you're doing and I commend you for that! :) I guess I'll look up any other ways to donate or help out local charities.

    Well, the outfit is lovely. I have a sheer white blouse that I love and pair with a black bra and I get weird stares. I think its funny though people think its wrong when you can see a bra through a sheer, otherwise modest, top but not wrong when girls wear teeny-tiny shorts that barely cover their butts? Gross.
    But who knows, maybe they're staring for being so bold, haha? :)

  32. Wow I'm so sorry about your friend. My best friends father actually just passed away from cancer. It was really hard to deal with. I hope the cancer fundraiser works out! Love your blog. X

  33. Eeeee Lily you look incredible here! Deffo a good look for you! I need that Primark blouse asap!
    Good luck with the photo shoot :)

  34. Sorry to hear hun...
    just found your blog. Love it!!!
    Was just thinking how great that bag was... will enter giveaway now!! xo mwaaa


  35. lovely outfit and you look so beautiful :) you hair look good, and i love your bag on your giveaway!! :D


  36. That sounds like a wonderful thing you're doing to raise money for a worthwhile cause - and have a lot of fun in the process! :) Love the blouse, it's very 50s jazzy ♥

  37. oh, i think i am in love with that blouse!
    good luck with all your charity efforts (:

  38. Great outfit! I'm in love with tops like that with the tie at the neck, but I can't find any good ones here in the states =/ wish we had a primark here!

  39. ah that's such a nice thing to do - hope the shoot goes well. that bag is cute it goes without saying that you look gorge as ever :)

  40. oh, i <3 your blog & your outfits!
    follow you from now.

    if you like, take a look on my blog!

  41. I think the calender girls thing sounds like a great idea! is there anyway we can buy it thru your blog once its done? My uncle is currently batting cancer..he has been for years now and unfortunately he is not doing very well at the min.. i donate to cancer research each month and am attending a charity ball to raise money in a few weeks.. eveything helps raise awreness which is good. cant wait to hear how the photoshoot went. x

  42. Lovely outfit as usual! I never would of guessed that shirt was primark, too.
    It's a wonderful thing your doing to raise money for charity. Good luck!


  43. Bought that shirt the other day and lovelove it- my boobs are a bit on the large/matrony side for a pussy bow so i just tuck the collar and strips inside and it works just aswell :)

    racheyem.blogspot.com x

  44. so cool that you're going to pose nude for a cause. You'll look lovely and you'll feel lovely too.

  45. Really sorry to here about your friend. Good luck with the shoot (unless it's already been in which case hope it went well!)

    Your outfits always look so well put together. Adore the colour of the cardigan and love the shirt.



  46. The calender girls sounds like a wonderful cause! Also, I reallly love this outfit. That shirt is fabulous, I would love to experience a Primark! They definitely need to bring one to the states.

  47. So pretty! I want that shirt so bad.

  48. jesus christ that shirt is so nice and i can't believe it's from PRIMARK?? i'm hunting this bad boy down (lovely outfit as always!)

  49. It's always hard when you lose friends :( I won't turn this into a life story of how something similar happened to me bla bla bla, but I just know how horrible it feels and it's really nice that you're raising money for charity and still hold him very close to your heart :)

  50. Hi Lily
    Your interview is up on my blog &
    also - i have another blog dedicated to those affected by cancer -
    if your ever feeling down xo

  51. I was inspired by your post so I bought this top today. I think I should have bought a smaller size though.

  52. Perfect look, fantastic shirt!!


  53. I love that blouse so much - I really regret not picking it up when I saw it in store! It looks like it belongs in Topshop rather than Primark.
    You're so brave for doing a shoot like that but I hope its lots of fun :)

  54. i love this whole look! the colours are greatttt

  55. admire you so much for doing something outside of your comfort zone to raise money for something close to your heart. i've been through something similar- so thank you. xoxo avs

  56. Beautiful shirt, you always seem to find great pieces in Primark, I'll have to actually venture in one of these days!

    Very sorry to hear about your friend but it's so thoughtful of you to raise money. I'm sure she would be proud :)

    love x

  57. that calendar girls style photo shoot sounds great! will there be strategically placed iced buns? hehe

  58. I'm in love with your outfit! It's perfect and the bag is so amazing!


  59. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love your style!

  60. just bought a white shirt that is pretty sheer; i was clueless as to what i should wear underneath it but the bodysuit suggestion was a big help, thank you.

    i am very sorry for your friend and love that your helping such a great cause

  61. I LOVE that shirt. I have two similar ones. The tie at the neck is my new favourite thing :)

  62. Hey Lilly !

    Theres A Black Bracelet Yoo Where In Every Photo && I Really Want It. Its Black With Religious Stickers On It, If Wouldnt Mind Letting Me Know Where Yoo Got It From Thank Yoo xoxo

    P.S LOVE Your Blog Forget The Haters

  63. Love the shirt and the topknot! Such a great thing you are doing for a really worthwhile cause!

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