Monday, February 01, 2010


Here's a picture of me and my best friend in the whole wide world Joel, Hes been my best friend since I was 1, He was diagnosed with stomach cancer the middle of last year, and now hes in a hospice. Its ironic that he has stomach cancer as he wanted to be a chef and loved food. I went to see him today in a hospice and, although I was terrified, It was really OK, He was his same old self, which makes me so happy. The only thing I can do is be positive.

Ive decided Im going to do something for the charity who's looking after him. Probably sell some sort of prints/drawings/zines thing on Etsy. When Im free next week ill see what I can do!

& big thank you to Cinny Loves; for the blog award, (:


  1. congrats on the award :)

    this makes me quite desperately sad, but as you said you have to stay positive. Positive action like doing something for the charity involved is so great, let us know what you decide :)

  2. Thats a wonderful idea to raise some money to help the hospice out that is looking after him. Stay positive love :)

  3. Oh that's so horrible. Life can be way too cruel sometimes.

    x x x


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