Three more days till deadline. I feel like a proper student for the first time in my university experience. Deadlines are insane! Ive currently finished three out of 6 projects at 100%, The others are sort of finished but not completely, I'm sure I'll have another finished by the end of the day, Then I have two days. Come 2pm Friday I'll be free! However I've been drinking copious amounts of Diet Red Thunder (Aldi own brand energy drink, 5 cals!) and hardly anytime outside the house. Today I went to Tesco just so I could leave the house!

All Over Heart Tights, Boots, Curved Hem Ruffle Tunic, Embroidered Studded Tunic, Oversize Stripe Tunic Dress

I bought these bits and bobs from Topshop yesterday (sorry for the hideous quality pitures!) I have an obsession with patterned tights, These ones are heart print, so cute! I normally get patterned ones from Primark as they are more disposable if they rip, But I just couldn't resist the heart ones! The boots are cute, I thought I could wear them in the summer as well as now. Then the rest of the stuff is just bits and bobs to add to my already over flowing wardrobe. I'm also considering getting the imfamous half tint Chanel glasses, I'm such a sucker for Chanel.

I really want a new camera as mine makes me look hideous, its only a little point and shoot. I'm either going to wait for my next student loan or see if I can gather the money together elsewhere for a little more advanced semi SLR type thing. My step dad has a really nice one but I feel self conscious using someone elses camera!

Big thank you too my blog awards I've had recently, Thank you Emerald Green 88