top: topshop
shorts: primark
faux fur stole: H&M
rosary: ebay

I called in sick for work today, It was probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done, seeing as I cant talk and no one understood what I was saying. All that came out was a high pitched sqeak, I hope they got the idea in the end! I think I do have Laryngitis, I feel absolutely awful.I've not done much today, I've been napping alot and watching Man v. Food! Which is my favourite TV show at the moment, Theres something about all those gross, carby, fatty (and cheesey!) foods that just makes me want! I always say to Ivor "OMGG I COULD SO EAT THAT" (which I so could!) but he doesn't believe me!

My "sick day" choice of attire is just as appropriate as my "cold weather" dressing. Yes, I'm wearing a faux fur stole and leather shorts for what pretty much has just been a day in bed, As if you'd expect anything less ;) I was going to buy the topshop tri marl jumper in purple but after seeing it in-store I decided on the green! I decided on the fur after seeing this H&M look at the show, I thought the idea of fur scarf/waistcoat over something basic was inspiring, I remembered earlier that I bought the fur stole last year from H&M! I reckon I only wore it a few times, But I think it will be getting some good wear this A/W! I don't know if they have anything like this this year, But its worth checking!

I genuinely hate the way I look in these pictures, Ive got such a puffy face because my glands have swollen up! Someone on Formspring asked me a question if I thought I was "pretty/goodlooking", to which I said well I dont think Im digusting and I dont think Im crazy pretty either. Someone also asked if the fact that I'm "attractive" means more people follow me. Its never occurred to me people viewed blogs like that, I've honestly never thought of it in that sense. Personally, I wouldnt say I do. I mean, Its not like I think the people I follow arent goregous, but to me its more than just the photographs that make a good blog! I've had people say to be before they are worried that they arent attractive enough to blog, which I think in ludicrous, Everyone can blog, you could resemble a bearded lady for all I care, as long as your blogs a fun and interesting read, whether you are hot or not shouldn't matter! Do you follow blogs just because the blogger is pretty?