photobooth pictures from the LOOK show
Hey everyone, Sorry for a lack of update yesterday, and the fact todays update is also a bit craptastic! My boyfriend has gone off to University today (Goldsmiths, London to do Music Computing for everyone asking!) and I'm a bit sick. I think I might have laryngitis, I cant speak properly at all and its all coming out very hoarse or croaky! I'm a total cybercohondriac! A internet self-diagnoser, anything that is slightly wrong with me goes straight into google and it gets me worrying! Although I do actually think I have it! I hope it gets better soon as its really bringing me down. I have work at New Look tomorrow too, but if I cant speak I'm gonna have to call in sick. I HATE calling in sick, I always try and work through it, but if I'm going to not be able to talk to the customers I'm really gonna have a problem!

I'm sure your sick to death of me going on about the Look Show, but If you didnt know I won the overall competition and there is a nice little feature about me on their website! Horrid picture of me but whatever! As part of winning, Im being sent some prizes! I'll be getting them next week hopefully. One of the prizes is £250 to spend at Spoiled Brat, Some Wildfox tee's will certainly be coming my way! I'll be posting all the goodies I get when I actually know all the bits and bobs!

To talk about a few other things that's happened recently, I really liked Jen's post on Negativity in the Blog world! Its so hard to ignore the anons, as like with most things its the horrid comments that stick in your mind compared to the nice ones! I certainly struggle with the concept of "just ignore them", I'm a confrontational person in real life and I wouldn't just ignore. I would most definitely respond and say something back! I think there is alot of hate/jealousy/negativity going on right now in the blogasphere, which is such a shame!

Anyway guys, I'm gonna spend my night catching up on this weeks Gossip Girl and the season premiere of Glee!