dress: primark
cardigan: new look
leggings: new look

Comfort, comfort, comfort! Sorry for the ever so boring outfit today, I really couldn't be bothered to get dressed properly. All I could manage was throwing on a dress and a nice big cardigan! I seem to wear this dress all the time at the moment, Despite it being scandalously short it is really lovely, and goes with so many of the things in my wardrobe!

In other news, I'm having eBay troubles at the moment, I bought a Canon 1000d off eBay from a seller via buy it now and paid immediately. Despite this the seller has tried to cancel the transaction claiming I haven't paid for the item. I'm a bit suspect about this, So I checked their ebay contact information against the one listed on their paypal account, and oh wait a min, its the same! So I'm obviously being scammed or just having my time wasted. I'm so annoyed because my money is now sitting unclaimed in "someone elses" paypal account, and its looking like I have to wait 30 days before I can get it back. And that is only if they don't claim it in those 30 days. £300 is a ridiculous amount to not have access too for 30 days! It's so annoying as I was looking forward to getting a new camera and improving the quality of the blog a bit more, So until then you will have to put up with my dodgy lighting and poor quality images!