Monday, August 09, 2010

llymlrs necklace


My outfit pictures for today were a bit rubbish, But I'll show you my LLYMLRS necklace that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday! I'd thought I'd lost it way back, But I'd left it at the boyfriends house, then put it in my car and forgot about it! Its from Tatty Devine, and cost £27.50. Their Name Necklace range is amazing, and they have 4 different text styles, Mines all caps Billboard in Black with a silver chain!

Apart from being a sniffling wreck today, I've ran a few errands, sent all my ebay things off and tidied my bedroom. I'm absolutely aching from trying out the Power Plate at my local gym, I suppose the ache means its working right? I've also lost my phone, I think I must have left it on top of my car and driven off while I was at the post office. I keep calling it but no one seems to be answering. Although for all I know it could be somewhere in my bedroom because its on silent at the moment. I think its gone though, I don't remember picking it up or anything! Things really are not going my way at the moment unfortunately!

I just want to alert everyone to the fact that when Models Own gets 10,000 "likes" on their Facebook they are going to be doing a 50% off code for the whole website. And you all know Im a discount code junkie! So if you can be bothered to click a single button to save alot of people (and me!) some pennies, Please go over the to the Models Own Facebook page, and click "Like" I posted a few weeks ago my picks of the Models Own range! It would work out at 5 polishes for £9, Now thats less than my beloved Barry M! Seriously guys do it!



  1. Already 'liked' the models own page! I love their nail polishes, can't wait until they have a models own kiosk at my local boots soon :)
    Still need to try out the power plate! I've got a week off next week so plan to have a good few gym sessions, maybe I'll get someone to show me how to use it then!

  2. Love the necklace, I've been really tempted to get one for myself done but Tatty Devine is so expensive however maybe i'll mention it to my bf too as its my birthday in October haha!!

    Good luck finding your phone, I'm sure it'll turn up sooner or later. If it's ringing then its turned on and you might be able to track it by GPS from the blackberry website or something!!

  3. love this! great necklace and cute shirt:) you always look great<3
    xoxo Holly

  4. Have 'liked' Models own now :) Really pretty necklace too :)

    L x

    Half Dressed

  5. Love your necklace! I have one too, but think I actually have lost mine. Boo!

    Shame about your phone. I hate being without mine... hope you find it soon. x

  6. hey girl, so thank you for following me, made me happy since ive always admired your style and im totally following you now! :]

  7. I really love that necklace, obsessed with anything that bears my name! I best start saving the pennies...

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  8. The necklace is aaaawesome! So cool that you blog name sounds good enough to be turned into a necklace (imagine mine hahaa).
    I'm sorry to hear you've probably lost your phone. I totally know what you mean, it happens so often that you forget things on the top of your car. that's how I lost milkshakes, keys, cardigans...awesome...

    I hope you'll get yours back somehow!

  9. I love the necklace! I've got a name necklace somewhere, I need to dig it out again.
    Can't wait for the Models Own sale. I'm bracing myself for a nail polish binge!

  10. awesome necklace! and i love your outfit too.
    & i just wanted to let you know that i tagged you here:

    i hope that's okay!~

  11. oh my goodness, that's so cool! i love it.

  12. Beautiful

  13. Oh god I hope you find your phone soon! I couldn't live without mine. Hmm nail polish shopping spree!

  14. The necklace is so cool!

    Greetz from Poland

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  16. I love nail polish. I consider it my favorite accessory!

    And I definitely went to MAC and got the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick once you told me what shade you wore in previous posts.


  17. Such a cute necklace! I like your eyelashes in the picture, btw

  18. Sooo cool! I def need one of those! Btw i think you will be a great fit for this


  19. is that a dress or a shirt? I absolutely love it! And the necklace is really cool :)

  20. awesome necklace.
    i wouldn't mind wearing my name round my neck ;)


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