what i wore 31.07.10what i wore 31.07.10
what i wore 31.07.10
what i wore 31.07.10
dress: asos
cardigan: thrifted (get me!)
bow: primark
leggings: topshop
rings: acessorize + H&M
necklace: Zara Taylor

I just love this Solid Brass Compass Pendant that the ever so lovely Zara Taylor sent me. She contacted me asking what I thought of her jewelery and then offered to send me a piece! I adore all of her jewelery, Especially the Long Chain Pendants! I love the Binocular Necklace, The Hello Sailor Telescope Pendant (which extends too!) and also this super cute Magnifying Glass Pendant! Shes even had her designs on my style crush Fearne Cotton + Alexa Chung sent her a Thank you card! You can Follow her blog here, and buy her designs from her online boutique!

Anyway, Enough of that. I'm off to a family BBQ tonight, I know, I know. The weather is rubbish, But hey, We're British, We suck it up and enjoy it! Opted again for comfort, but though I'd accessorize it to make it look like I made an effort! And seeing as I'm seeing my lovely Granny, I'm going to use my Chanel 2.55 that she so very kindly bought me for my 18th! I bought this cardigan from a carboot, I thought I would sell it on seeing as these types of cardigans go for big bucks on ebay, But alas I kept it, and love it more than my Topshop one from my very first outfit post! I'm probably going to sell the Topshop one, seeing as its Size 8 and fits like a 18. I find it so unflattering and huge, Not. Cute.

I'm trying to make plans for tomorrow but I'm thinking about going shopping on my own for the first time in ages. The temptation of some buying some of my beloved Asos Randals Primark rip offs, Or "Primark Specials" as I like to call them! Blair had posted about them yesterday and I knew I needed them. I'm also going to a BBQ (again!) in the evening for my friend Alice's birthday, So who knows what I'll end up doing. I'm tired, achey and really need to relax. I'm supposed to be having a nap before I go out as a I type this. But I'm always one to be the rebel.