lazy sunday

velvet dress: miss selfridges
oatmeal oversized cardigan: topshop
turban: babooshka boutique
polka dot tights: primark
oval ring: primark
other ring: new look
my lookbook

This is about as "lazy outfit" as I get. Personally I have no problem with wearing velvet during the day. I wore a similar outfit to college once and everyone was like "Your so overdressed". Who cares though! Id never dream of wearing trackies or uggs to university, especially since I don't even wear them in the house! Anyway this is my first outfit post I've ever done, Feedback would be appreciated (:

PS. Please hype my look on!


  1. I love that Primark are doing the polka dot tights for £2!
    Love the cardi too :)

  2. its great isnt it! i buy a pair everytime i go to primark! I havent opened my topshop ones yet coz im worried they will just ladder!

    i had a little panic coz i thought i was out of them, but discovered a pack lurking in my wardobe! rejoice!

  3. This is gorgeous! I bought some polka dot tights from Tabio and they laddered first time I wore them, argh!!

  4. you look wonderful and that cardigan is beautiful!
    My feedback is A+++++ :D Love outfit posts x

  5. oh no! as if i wasted like £8 on tights at topshop when they do them so cheap at primark! devastated!

  6. Oh wow this picture is beautiful,
    loving the outfit too :)

  7. This reminds me of my "lazy outfits." Since I'm not a sweats and uggs kind of girl either, my lazy outfits are very similar to this; usually a big sweater or vest, dress, tights, and boots. I believe you can never be too overdressed, this outfit is perfect. You look amazing, and please do more outfit posts. :)

  8. i'm the same way! i don't really wear uggs or tennies to school like everyone else does, i would just feel so normal & boring!
    you look gorgeous & i love this outfit :)

  9. I overdress for EVERYTHING. I see no point in saving things for 'best'. Buy it, wear it, love it. You look awesome, overdressed or not x

  10. i love this oufit! really beautiful!
    and hype ;)

    alguem (chictopia) / veronique

  11. that cardigan is perfect! I am serching for something similar. I am also thinking that I may need to get one of those hairbands from Babooshka Boutique - I saw them on Kingdom of Style too.

    Christina x

  12. i just found this blog and im in awe.... so inspired! thanks so muchh!!! i just keep readding all your old posts lol GOTTA catch up! xoxx-jill


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