nail polish collection models own storagenail polish collection models own storage
Models Own Hedonist, Models Own Utopia, Models Own Juicy Jules, Models Own Balearic Cool, Models Own Feeling Blue, Models Own Beth's Blue, Models Own Disco Mix, Models Own Ibiza Mix, Models Own Misty Grey, Models Own Pink Punch, Models Own Lilac Dream, Models Own Slate Green, Models Own Top Turquoise
Today I decided to make a new video on my Models Own collection. I have a hell of alot of nail polishes, I don't even want to start thinking about exactly how many! But I do have to admit that Models Own is my favourite nail polish brand, although Essie is a close second. I think their affordable and wide shade range appeals to a alot people which is why I think it quickly became one of the most well known nail polish brands in the UK. In the video I talk about some of my favourite Model Own nail polishes and about my Nail Polish Storage. I do actually have more Models Own polishes than I show in this video, but alot are very similar so I don't keep them all on my display rack! All on nails swatches can be seen in this post & for more in my nail polish storage you can check this post! Feel free to watch on Youtube for more information about my makeup & my clothing and please subscribe if you liked it! (: