Photo on 2010-08-01 at 16.13
001. Last night I couldn't sleep and went through all my traffic sources, and read a ton of your blogs and the kind words you have to say about mine. Sometimes I feel so overwhelemed by this whole experience. To have people comment on how much I inspire them and how much they love my blog is just amazing, Its so hard to put into words how I feel. Sometimes I feel so under the radar when it comes to blogging, I think in regards to the fact LLYMLRS has grown so quickly and strongly over the last 6-7 months, I still find it hard to believe. I want to thank each and everyone on of you for being the best supporters and more importantly friends!

002. I've been drawing a little over the last few nights. Maybe some artwork might be creeping back in? I want a new background and header at some point! I'll probs update my Flickr with a few drawings and stuff soon!

003. The long awaited Ombre hair tutorial will be coming soon, this week if I have time. I promise! I think people are over thinking the whole Ombre process, Its so easy, and simple I'm sure you'll be kicking yourselves when I tell you how I did it! I literally get asked about this like 10 times a day! Some questions really annoy me, I'm not an expert on it, I don't know if it will suit you, I don't know how to ombre layered hair, I don't know how to dye already dyed hair. I'm not a professional and I wish people would stop bombarding me with a million questions I don't know the answers to, I will try and help but Im not an expert, and I know nothing about actually dying hair!

004. I've watched too much TV the last week. I guess thats what a week of work does to you. I've over indulged in Jeremy Kyle, Watched way too many teenage pregnancy programs, Contemplated getting a poof ala Snooki from Jersey Shore, and got angry at the fact The Hills ending was totally underwhelming!

005. Sorry for the crap picture, I hate doing photobooth versions of these! Sorry for the fact this is a bit rubbish this week! And Im sorry that the Ombre bit is a but moany. I promise Im not trying to keep things from you! Im in a rush and my sisters just had her new baby and I've been looking after her other child today and now Im off for a BBQ!