what i wore 02.08.10what i wore 02.08.10
what i wore 02.08.10

top: H&M
shorts: H&M
jacket: primark
necklace: zara taylor
shoes: (L-R) new look, primark, new look, ebay, new look

The whole combo here comes as standard issue for any fashion blogger! Dont you just think this is the typical blogging uniform? Denim shorts? Check! Striped Breton? Check! Leather Jacket? Check! Big chunky boots? Check! Oh yes my friends I am most definitely a fashion blogger! Im sure you have all seen variations on the striped top/denim shorts/big boots/ leather jacker or blazer look over and over again! But hey no one can deny the serious chic points! I ended up buying the stripey top I had my eye on yesterday, I tried my hardest to avoid it, but I had to have one, its a good basic, can be worn in 1000 different ways, Plus I don't have anything like this so its obviously ok to buy it right?! Help me justify it guys!

Sorry for my awkward posing, and changing lighting! I like the first picture, but could do without the other two. We are currently having the house redecorated, and they are doing my Mums room at the moment, so all the junk from her room is in our spare room. Which is where I take my photos! There is quite alot of light in my room as it faces towards the afternoon sun, so the lighting was blinding me and made the pictures so over exposed! I did edit them a tad in photoshop in the end and they do look ok! For some reason there really nice quality, I wish I had this quality, in my normal setting!

Also there is a selection of shoes for all those who ask why I never post pictures of my shoes. I don't really care much for shoes, I wear any of those 5 pairs daily! For those who have been reading my blog for a while, Those leopard moccasins are THE leopard moccasins that I always talk about, Ya know the ones that are threadbare but I love them so much I cant part with them! I wish I could find them again, one of those rare Primark gems, that I really wish I bought 100 pairs of!