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Decided to do a totally Asos related Wants post today. I really love Asos, Its one of the few online shopping sites that has really low shipping costs, a vast array of different discount codes/promotions and also has such a vast array of different products! I've never had any trouble with my orders and I've always got my things really promptly, and the returns are quick and free too!

I think the things I have chosen have such a neutral palette, considering its nearly summer I'm surprised colors are jumping out at me more! Im defiantly going to buy the cheesecloth tunic dress in either white or the nude colour! It looks like the perfect summer dress for me! I'm really loving 3/4 length sleeves at the moment! That cardigan I picked out too is just too cute to pass up, Infact I love the whole outfit on that model! Its really Alexa Chung! More leopard print of course too! The bikini would be perfect for my holiday bikini, Teamed with those sunglasses and that trapeze dress and my straw boater? Instant summer chic!

As soon as a new Asos 20% off code or something other code pops up I'll be defiantly purchasing some new stuff! So, Over to you...What are your current Asos picks? Or can you see anything on the website you think I'd like? Link me in the comments!


  1. love asos!!! if ever u get a 20% discount code, please let me know!!!! Ive just bought the henry holland suspender tights from asos! now i wanna get some peg leg trousers and biker jackets from there, and bright coloured blazers too!

    xoxo jenna

  2. I ordered from them a few days ago and they were SO awesome. I had some problems and they fixed it right away! Shipping was free, idk if it is now but it should be. Love love love asos, and have done so for a while. xx

  3. Asos is the death of my bank balance! So much lustworthy stuff on there. I really like those dresses and the cardigan is perfection. I have those sunglasses but from topshop and they're my new favourites. for sure a summer staple!

  4. I love ASOS, but like you i'm waiting until they offer a new code to buy anything from them. I have a gift voucher but I still can't justify ordering one of their dresses for £55 when I know it will be falling apart after a couple of wears.
    The crochet skater dress is lovely, it would look great on you!


  5. oh I really love that cheesecloth dress in rose! However I'm a bit saddened as it looks super see through and can see her panties :(

    I really love these shoes: http://www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Black-Blush-Leather-Platform-Shoe/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1071551&cid=7339&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=-1&sort=-1&clr=Blush

    mmm if only I had the money! xx

  6. Oh, I clicked through all the pretty stuff at Asos so many times, but unfortunately I can't oder something cause I don't own a credit card. Well, but it's better for my wallet ;)

    Anyway, I would buy these if I could, maybe you like some of the clothes, too:

    dr denim skirt

    oasis cardigan

    floral dress

    oasis dress

    gap shirt

    perfume shirt


  7. LOVE THOSE SHADES! I might just have to get those for myself too. Nice pics!

  8. wow, I ordered the cheesecloth tunic dress last week! I chose white, and I wanted to get nude color, but my size already gone...

    I love asos too;]


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