what i wore 17.04.10what i wore 17.04.10
what i wore 17.04.10
what i wore 17.04.10
top: new look
skirt: H&M
hat: primark
rings: primark

I actually wore the same outfit when I went to the cinema on Wednesday (God Bless Orange Wednesdays!). I saw Kick-Ass and I actually thought it was really good. I really like the highly saturated colors, It really made the film have that "Comic Book" feel. It was sweet. Anyway.

I saw this t-shirt on a post on off_highstreet specifically this post where a girl asked if non skinny people can wear cropped tees. I thought it looked awesome on her and literally went straight to the New Look website and ordered it! The boater was a spur of the moment purchase when shopping with my mother. I couldn't resist it, for £3 you cant really go wrong. I haven't take it off my head since (:

At the moment I'm really liking the way my hair looks. I gave up doing anything to it for ages and now I've just got back into making it wavy again. I normally do it the night before with my straighteners (I use my GHD's and twist is back and forth), Turn my head upside down and spray it with hairspray (I like Tresemme or Ellnett) and then in the morning its all dropped into a soft curl. Its so nice to have some good hair days for a change! My hairs naturally poker straight so I have to do something to it or it just looks flat and lifeless. I'm a long time backcomber, Stemming right back from the Emo/Scene days! Ive got awful dreaded bits at the back of my hair too which I really need to sort out, But I know I'll never get round to doing it!