fishywishy: fishtail braid


Thought I'd do something a bit different with my hair tonight, Opted for a side fishtail braid. Much simpler than I actually imagined, and although it's not perfect it came out pretty good. Maybe a new hairstyle to play with now I've got the technique down! I used this tutorial by Leopsie, It was so easy to do actually. Just a simple ponytail split into two parts, then take back sections and wrap them forward. Perfect summery hairstyle!

Anyway, Sorry for the crappo pictures and lack of posting this week, My step brothers over so my usual photo spot (the spare bedroom) is full of his stuff. Although I've got a plain wall in my room, the lighting is rubbish! Im off to my friend Hannahs for a gossip and a catch up! I love that my friends are coming back from university, means more time to party!

Anyone got any links to other good hair tutorials? Like I said Leopsie has some really cool braid related ones. Do you have any favourite hair gurus? Let me know!


  1. you look gorgeouss! and that hair is amazing :) sounds so simple though! will have to give it a go myself. also where is that adorable cardie from?! :) <33

  2. I saw someone sporting a fishtail plait in a mag today & wondered how easy it is to do - I must say, I like how you're wearing it though more, a bit more 'lived in' & I totally mean that as a compliment :)

    Your cardigan is amazing, I want one!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this hairstyle!
    I half fell out with my friend over it though ;)
    haha, long story short, I taught her how to do it like months ago, and then she went around telling everyone she'd invented it, and everyone was like 'omggggg, do my hair, you're so creative' and she was like 'yeah, I just saw it on the runway and taught myself'
    and I was like 'yo, holdup bitchhh'
    you get the idea
    sorry, I'm totally chatting shit :P
    anyway, LOVE THE HAIR
    much love

  4. Your hair is cute! I want to try that now

  5. My friend wore fishtail braids the other day! I stared at them, unable to work out what it really was.

  6. I love that first photo! It's so cute :) Your hair look lovely too! x

  7. It looks great - I'm definitely going to give this a go today. x

  8. ooo may have to have a crack at that! :) xx

  9. You look lovely, and so does your hair! May have to check out those tutorials, have never managed a successful fishtail! :)

  10. I love this style and ty for linking the tutorial! This is one style I've never quite worked out how to do!!


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