Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Topshop Autum/Winter 2010

all images via marie claire

I posted about the Topshop Spring/Summer Collection a while ago, And a few days ago someone emailed me with a link to the brand new Topshop Autum/Winter Collection. How pleased was I! Id seen some of the pictures that Selina from Flying Saucer had taken when she was invited to the Arcadia press day. I liked what I saw, But knew I wouldnt be able to judge till I saw the proper promotional shots!

This A/W collection is everything I would have wanted from a winter collection and so much more. All the big layers, chunky knits, special prints and tons of different fabrics. The colour palette is to die for, I love how its very neutral (Which fits in with the current nude trend) which means alot of things can be carried over into the Autum/Winter trends. All the browns, beiges, blues, military greens and black are just perfect! Its feminine with a typical Topshop grunge twist. I love the thick cable knit socks, and the mix of different layers of fabrics, different and interesting cuts of fabric and the intricate detailing! Don't get me started on the fur jackets, I remember there was one in the Lookbook from last year that I checked the website for everyday, and while I was in New Zealand I made my boyfriend check Topshop just incase it came out!

My favorite look is the first one, That cardigan looks too cosy, and the bag, shorts and the boots just work so well together. I used to have a pair of white ankle boots yonks ago, but threw them out earlier this year because I thought id never wear them again! Dont you just hate it when that happens? I really like the bag from the 6th look, It would fill my Mullberry Alexa cravings as it just looks like a really lovely large satchel! Id also like all the hats in the images, Although in the lookbook there is some questionable headgear pieces! But Topshop usually come out with some random hats, Does anyone remember the clown hat from the Circus collections a few years ago?

Gosh as if I'm thinking about what I want to wear this winter, Because as I type this I'm currently sitting in a hotel lobby in Turkey, and its boiling hot, sipping on a ice cold Mojito cocktail! Sigh my bank balance is going to take a hammering this Autum/Winter! I can see it already! Even though it's summer, and its probably just as warm back in the UK as it is right now in Turkey, Let me know what you think you might be wearing this A/W or has it not even crossed your mind!?



  1. I completely adore Topshop, and this new collection is no exception. I could definitely see myself wearing a few of these pieces, especially the fur coat in look #5!

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Hope your having a wonderful holiday! I must say I do prefer a/w trends to s/s! Really cannot wait to crack out my chunky knits & buy a fur coat, I'm craving winter already!

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  4. i think the first look is my fave as well. SO excited for this, will actually be in London by then!

  5. Looks like an amasing collection, I live in New Zealand - wish that range was avaliable here for this winter! What did you think of NZ?
    Hope you enjoy your summer holiday :)

  6. Just realised I can't spell *amazing* whoops :)

  7. after years of watching sex and the city and the rachel zoe project i would love nothing more than to own an oversized (faux) fur jacket. swoon.

  8. oh yes!! i always like fall/winter better than spring/summer :D can't wait!!

  9. I love winter so much more than summer (I have stick legs that are corpse pale so shorts and little skirts terrify me) and I cannot wait for the A/W collections! This year I really want a fantastic trench coat, lots of chunky cardigans and some wedge ankle boots. And a satchel - that topshop one is amazing! Have a lovely holiday xxx

  10. Oh dear, I'm going to be so broke! I love the cardigan in the first pic it looks so chunky and cosy x


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