shred it

tshirt: topman + DIY shredding
shorts: H&M
rosary: Ebay
bikini bottoms: primark
headscarf: my mums
ring: primark
nails: barry m mint green

Attempted one of my lookbook photos today from Turkey! It didn't come out half as bad as I expected, Even though I had to balance my camera on a foot stool, a small table, two books and a Van Gough lunchbox! With a little help from my brother ("Jared, Hold the curtain open!") I managed to get my outfit post done, and in my normal style!

I don't really do DIY but I knew I wanted to make a shredded t-shirt every since seeing Camille from Childhood Flames doing it! Her tutorial is here, Its so simple to do and looks awesome on the beach! I just used one of my brothers from Topmans, But I'm sure the £2 mens Primark ones would do just the same job! Id wear these hot pants everyday if I could, I love them! I bought similar ones (and like 4 times the price) from American Apparell a few years ago but because of the Tie Dye/Acidwash it made me look like I'd wet myself! I had so much trouble trying to return it! I had to buy these shorts in size UK 16. YES SIZE 16. Im a UK10 usually, typical H&M sizing!

Also! Does anyone have issues with Barry M Mint green? 4 coats later and two days worth of waiting for them to dry has annoyed me off so much! Because I use full cover nails I normally paint them first, then leave to dry (Totally recommend getting the full cover nails I have if your crap at painting your nails!) , but its taken forever for the colour to go opaque and then forever for them to dry properly! I've put two topcoats on and now they are already smooshed and weird. URGH. Luckily I've got nothing better do do with my time other than do my nails!

Anyway the beach is calling me, We saw a turtle in the sea yesterday. I cant wait to show you all the holiday snaps when I'm back. I should be updating a little more outfit wise (which is why most of you read my blog right?) now I've worked out how to take pictures. I know it seems a little weird to do it while on holiday, But when blogging is part of your everyday routine Its strange not doing it!


  1. Great DIY, I've seen a few bloggers doing this actually. It definitely would be cool on the beach and I love how you've worn it here to keep it so simple.

  2. That is so hot!! looks amazing! Might have to try that one :) Thanks for the tip

  3. omg i have exactly same h&m shorts xDD love the outfit soooo much, you remind me so much of mk olsen, what is only good thing cause i love her styleeee :D sorry about my english sucks xDD love your blog ^^

  4. Awesome misses :-D <3 super gorgeous xxxxx

  5. ohh thats such a good Idea, why didn't I think of that, Deffo going to try this DIY out, time to pop to primark mens section I think ^-^

  6. Love the DIY! I have that same nail varnish and yep, same issue here! I've heard keeping it in the fridge will make it go on better but I've not tried it yet :)

  7. Wowww so love the tee!
    I think I'm gonna have to try this out at some point now too, it looks amazing! :)

  8. i have the same shorts in size 16 too, and im usually a 10/12! I still love them though and wear mine ALL the time too!
    Love your style! :)

  9. I have those shorts too! The tshirt looks fab aswell hun, you're looking lovely as ever xx

  10. wow your t-shirt looks awesome!!! i am definitely going to try that diy as soon as i can lol i love your shorts as well such a great outfit!!

  11. very jealous of your skin tone! is it fake or real? either way it's amazing! love the diy too! x

  12. Your t-shirt turned out great =) The polish looks similar to China Glaze in Refresh Mint :D

  13. Is Barry M a brand of polish local to the UK?

    I don't know if painting full color nails is similar to painting actual nails. Do you paint them first and then stick them on?

    Here's what you can do about drying: invest in a good rapid drying top coat. Essie makes one called "Good to Go!" and INM makes one called "Out the Door." I'm not sure if those brands retail in the UK, but you can always get them off ebay. You can let your color polish dry first and then add these rapid drying top coats.

  14. I love the DIY tshirt, it looks great with the shorts.
    Hope you're having a great holiday!

  15. You're looking fab as usual!
    I hate H&M's sizing, if you're a 10 wearing a 16 there's no hope for girls like me who are actually a 16!

  16. Love your outfit, looks so stylish! I adore the sunglasses and i am proper jealous of your tan...i look like a milk bottle haha! and also your nails, i miss nail polish, i'm not allowed to wear it for work :( bad times!

    Stacey xx

  17. Nice diy. Perfect for to wear at the beach =)

  18. You look fabulous! Love the shredding and the shorts! Jealous!!

    - Adele

  19. Ahh i'm glad you forewarned me, i was considering getting it while Boots are doing offers! Love the shredded shirt and glasses.

  20. haha i always have to prop my camera up on tons of stuff too! i really need a tripod:(

  21. A size 16?! That's insane!

    I love this outfit, and you are looking so brown already! Hope you're having fun!

  22. I remember the first time I bought pants in h&m I cried because the size 16 in 3 different styles didn't fit me..I hate their wonky sizing! You look so cute (and tanned!) xo

  23. Amazing outfit! Very creative of you to DIY the top. I also love your nail polish color!

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