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001. HEY NEW FOLLOWERS! I just like to a big hello, and thank you to all my new followers! Your all so lovely! Say Hi in the comments! If your new and didnt know, My giveaway of a Sunday Girl Accessories Name Necklace is still running, and you can enter it here!

002. So my lovelies, What did you think of some of my new regular/semi regular colum ideas. Keep or Return and Want are just two of the many ideas I've come up with to be regular posts. Keep or Return is going to be your chance to tell me if that dress really does suit me, or that t-shirt looks awful or that colour totally isn't me! Want is basically a round up of things I want right now! Id like your feedback on these, because hey, you guys have to read it!

003. Conquered my fear of the gym today and decided to go get and induction! I think I may be in love! Its so fun, and although right now my muscles are dying there is nothing a nice warm Lush Cosmetics bath wont sort out! I don't really talk about dieting or weight, But I've lost 20lbs since the begging of the year and I really want to lost a few more and more importantly tone up!

004. Short but sweet entry this week, as I've been mega busy. This week has been a bit of a blur really! Ive been working so hard for uni as well as trying to sort out a possible university transfer. I've already transferred university once, I used to go to Sheffield Hallam University then transferring back to Hereford College of the Arts. I've emailed them, so we shall have to see! I've also got a interview in a few weeks for a design placement! Which is the best thing ever! I'm so excited about going! I'm hoping to make some sort of promo material to leave with them after the interview. And tomorrow I'm seeing the Banksy film, Exit through the giftshop!


  1. lily i have a rather exciting idea...a fashion colaboration?! maybe i'll email you with details xxxx
    p.s. your looking lush as always xx

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  3. thanks for the follow, sweet blog you have :) i like lots! xx

  4. you are soo pretty! what camera do you use? xx

  5. woo well done on the weight loss! i wish i could afford the gym or had the time to go, i do like going on the treadmill and swimming.

  6. Hi :)

    Have been following for a while, but just haven't said hi!

    Love your blog!

  7. Hello! Just discovered your blog and I like what I see! Going to do some exploring now. :) x

  8. Gorgeous picture!
    I am one of your new followers, hello :) ♥
    I like the new features, and you should definitely keep that Primark dress, btw, it looks adorable on you! I was going to buy one but didn't think it would suit me, but I wish I had now, seeing it on you!
    Hope you've have a lovely weekend, x

  9. Hullo, I'm new! And I want that mug! And your bedroom wall!

  10. you look really lovely in your posted pic! GL with the interview. the post ideas sound fun x

  11. I really love the pic of you on your blog!

    btw, please visit my blog:] If you are interested, please follow my blog.

  12. @ lisa drives a van i use a fuji finepix s1000 and edit with photoshop

    @ Jen Had a bit of a fangirl when you commented! I've been a massive fan of your blog for so long now! thanks for following me!

    @ Helen aah i know, ive decided i need to go just to shed the extra lbs, finding time is so hard for me too, so im hoping to go at least 3 times a week doing some sort of class!

    @ Gem I have decided to keep it! Im totally in love with it. its kinda a bit too cute for me normally, so needs a bit of toughening up!

    @kitty cat thank you so much (:(:

    @ rachel thanks! my walls been like that since i was 15, im 20 now, and i just cant seem to change it! it wouldnt be my room without it!

    & if i missed you out im sorry! and thanks so much for commenting!


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