Just a quick catch up! Sorry there has been a slow down in outfit posts and actually fresh (fresh is such a good word to describe things!) content! I don't know why, I just haven't found the time! Deadlines are fast approaching and my new interest in the gym is taking up all my free time. Here are three pics from the last two weeks at university. Pretty boring, but its all good! Im currently doing MA 12, Which is called "Competition and Commission" so loads of live breifs and competition submissions and that! Its alot of work!

My clothes are currently lumped in a pile on my bedroom floor while I aimlessly try and sort them out. Ebay pile, Charity shop pile, Keep pile and Go in the wardrobe Pile. Although knowing me I'll end up keeping it all. My wardrobe is so full at the moment I cant squeeze anything in, my shoes seem to be piled up on the floor and god knows where I'm going to fit all my bags, rings and tights (I have enough hoisery to open my own Tights shop!)

Promise things will return to its usual outfitty goodness, So excuse the filler over the next few days, I promise it will get better!


  1. i love the flower thing you are wearing in picture 3. would you mind telling me were you got it?! it looks adorable!

  2. I can't wait! And I LOVE the flower hat combo in the first picture!!!

  3. you look gorgeous! love that hat/flower combo! and oh my at the state of your floor missy! haha. Good luck with deadlines =) xxx

  4. hi lily! :D i rediscovered your blog after few times, and you're getting better and better :D
    and im totally love your blog!

  5. Lina- its a floral 3/4 length oversized tshirt from primark, ill probs do a proper post with it in during the week!

    Rachel- Thanks! I loved the combo too, i wear them together so much!

    Vicky- I know! its disgraceful! Its all put away now, but It really was a dark time trying to squeeze it all into my wardrobe!

    Desiree- Thank youu!

  6. The boy in picture 3 is gorgeous, is he single? And he has a rad taste in music i see, awesome. Flowers suck.

  7. you look lovely in your last pic. come bk soon x

  8. Haha, I know what you mean about the tights! I have three big bags full of tights in my closet :D
    you look so pretty in the third photo!

    Happy Thursday!

  9. @greg duggan gosh i wonder who that handsome devil is too. how dare he get into my photobooth images!

    @ kayleigh Thanks lovely! I hope to reusme normal posting within the next week!

    @Carina Im the same! ive got a massive box full, I just buy them everytime when i go shopping and they seem to have mounted up!

  10. I really want to see more of your hat/corsage combo! It looks wonderful. :)

  11. Just stumbled onto your blog -
    serious, love your blog.
    Panda xx


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