what i wore 14.05.10
what i wore 14.05.10
tunic: new look
leggings: topshop
hat: primark
circle scarf: rani @ cupcake couture
hype on lookbook/chictopia

How Parisian chic of me! Madmoiselle Robot would be proud!! I'm in love with this awesome red circle scarf that I bought off Rani from Cupcake Couture. Its the perfect color and it was just what my wardrobe wanted! I have an American Apparel Circle Scarf in Black but I think I've worn it about once! Theirs so much fabric and it completely drowns me! This one however is perfect! You can buy them from Rani if you email her, which you can find on her blog. They cost £11.50 and she can make them in any color you'd like! Compared to the £23 I paid for my American Apparel scarf, This one is such a bargain and I've worn it more times than my American Apparel one and I've only had it a week!

My straw boater wouldn't fit on my head as my hair was up! I hardly ever wear my hair up, Ive got so much of it, It just looks weird with my scraggly bits hanging down, and god forbid I wore my hair off my face! Im toying with the idea of cutting my fringe, But like most of my plans, It will never happen!

I have to admit I'm not currently wearing this, I'm sitting in a old oversized tee and some running shorts eating half a pack of chocolate biscuits and a cup of very strong, very sugary tea. My favourite! A bit of a diet fail today as you can tell. Oh well! Back on it tomorrow! I'm really enjoying the gym, I go everyday for an hour and a half. I'm trying to get it into my daily routine!