Petty things that 20 Somethings Fear

Idk why I've titled this "...20 somethings" as that makes me cringe almost as much as "Millennial"but hey, that's the kind of contradictory person I've grown to become. I thought I'd share some of the petty things that I'm irrationally scared of in the hope people find me #relatable and make me feel like less of an awkward turtle.

Moving Back in with Their Parents

A couple of years ago between moving into new houses in London I had to put all my stuff in storage and go and live back at my parents house. 150 Miles away from all my things and my friends and not to mention being back at home with my parents put the fear of god into me. Luckily my boyfriend at the time also let me stay at his some of the time but telling people I’d had to sort-of move back home was such a bum out. It’s very strange moving back into your old childhood room and the fear of being stuck there forever is v. unsettling.

Unknown Numbers

I HATE talking on the phone to anyone I don’t know, actually I just hate talking to anyone on the phone. But nothing makes me feel worse than seeing an unknown number pop up on my phone? Who could it be? That guy you drunkenly gave your phone number to? Or the Bank asking why you still have a student overdraft even though you left university 5 years ago? 


While on the subjects on phones lets talk Voicemails. Leaving one makes my palms so sweaty that it practically makes my phone slip out of my hands. The fear of messing up a message runs way too strong and I know it's' only some machine on the other end but it makes me so nervous than someone actually being on the other end of the line.  Also with that I can't stand listening to them either out of the fear of the unknown. Im pretty sure the only person has ever leaves me voicemails is my Dad but honestly there is nothing more unsettling that seeing “1 Voice Message” pop up on my phone.

Accidentally Liking something you shouldn’t 

I’ve got the art of holding my phone during a stalking session down to a tee incase I do actually hit that like button when I'm 47 weeks deep stalking your mates sisters university friend who has a feed goals and a body to die for. Sometimes you can get away with a quick reverse but once that notification has gone out there is no going back from the inevitable cringe. Same goes for adding someone on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Making Appointments

TBH I think I’d rather just die than phone up the doctors to get an appointment or ask them what could be wrong with me. Being blissfully unaware seems like the safest option. Even if I know… end up in the morgue.

So there we go 5 little things that Im scared of but I know are the most firstworldy of first world problems imaginable. Do you have any petty things that scare the shit out of you that really shouldn't? Let me know in comments!


  1. I feel like there are many things that 20 somethings fear. I think it's just because we're at that time in our lives that we feel grown up but we also don't want to grow up to soon.

  2. I am 31 and hate talking on the phone and making appointments. I live in Barcelona so having to do all of that in spanish is even scarier. I totally feel you on these things, and I am afraid it doesn't click into place when you are thirty. I am still as introverted and awks as ever!

  3. Oh man I can totally relate with the unknown numbers phone calls. I ALWAYS let it go straight to voicemail. Half the time it's telemarketers or automated messages anyway!

  4. omg I am mortified when I like an old photo haha but I feel like we've all been there before.

    Abigail Alice x

  5. Oh my god yes. I hate phone calls, full stop and don't get me started with making appointments - or even going to them!

    Love your new theme Lily!

    Hannah | Oh January

  6. I've had to move back in with my parents since finishing uni this year, and I will say it's not as bad as I thought and I'm quite enjoying it but people sometimes give me a 'look' when I tell them I'm at home again! Although that being said, I did ask my Mum to ring the Doctors for me to make an appointment the other day as I hate phone calls and she told me I'm old enough to do it myself and I then didn't make the phone call hahaha.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  7. Absolutely love the new blog layout! And I refuse to answer any unknown numbers ;')

  8. I couldn't agree more about voicemails. Whether it's leaving them or listening to them, I'm usually too scared to do either!

    Abby Talks

  9. I think everyone is a little bit too suspicious on an unknown number if it's not PPI it's bound to be bad news or something!

    Mel ★

  10. Oh yeah, I can relate to basically all of these. I still live at home and I cringe that I won't move out until I'm nearly 30 because I need to get my career goals first! But it's something I have to do.
    I HATE voicemails with a passion and I go into full on panic mode when I actually have to leave a message... It's the worst. I also had a go at about 6 cold callers over the last week telling them where to stick their phone calls and how many people used the same speech on me over the last week. They soon took the hint... Lol.

    Cat | What Cat Says

  11. Love this post Lily!!! I HATE voicemails so much ugh... The thought makes me nervous!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  12. All of these are so true! I love my parents but the thought of moving back home with them scares me to no end! A Skype chat a week is enough :)

  13. So funny and SO relateable! My parents always say i've got 'phone fear' it's something us millenials are cursed with and the fear of liking something is ever present!

  14. Definitely relatable! I thought I was the only person in my 20s that hated phone calls and making appointments. Thankfully I still live at home & I'll usually get my parents to do it for me...ill be useless when I live alone...

    Sarah xo //

  15. Loved this post found it so funny!

  16. Omg I relate to everyone of these, unknown calls are the worst! And I've had to recently move back in with my parents. Great post!

    Ella xx

  17. Never guess what happened to me the other day...what nightmares are made of...
    I was having a makeover at Too Faced chatting away to the MUA, and my phone had unlocked itself in my bag and phoned an ex boyfriend! I literally wanted the ground to swallow me up!

  18. This is so relatable - my worst is when someone knocks on the front door when I'm home alone! I don't know why but I always feel like I'm about to get locked in the cupboard under the stairs or something!

    Love Katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

  19. Such a on point post! These things scare the life out of me as well even thou I am 21. What you have pointed out is so relatable! Keep these coming!
    Kinga x

  20. Haha this is kind of hilarious because they're all so, so true! I still have to write little scripts for myself whenever I call someone on the phone because I don't want to stutter and sound stupid. Ahhhh, social anxiety! Thanks for sharing hah!

  21. haha everything about this is SO relatable!! :)

    Haara |

  22. I've been putting off even moving to the uni doctors for a year now and it's honestly a bit ridiculous... Such a relatable post, glad I'm not the only one who thinks like this x

    India Charlotte♥

  23. I related to these things a little bit too much haha! I rarely answer the phone when an unknown caller rings me. Or leave messages. Urgh. x

  24. I'm the same with phones, I actually have a phobia of using them to talk to anyone I don't know. When I first started answering the phone I had problems hearing and that's why I developed the phobia. They couldn't work out what was wrong back then but I now know I have Auditory Processing Disorder. This means that despite my hearing actually being very good I have trouble breaking sound down into words, so if I'm somewhere noisy, talking to someone with a strong accent or listening to electronically produced sound (the phone or music) I might not be able to make out what is being said x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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