A Primark Brush you HAVE to own

Silicone Topped Brush - Primark £1.50

I feel like I've harped on way too much about this goddam brush the past week or so so feel free to tell me to cool it. BUT I REALLY LIKE IT AND THINK ITS AWESOME OK. COOL?

But it's honestly been somewhat of a eureka moment for me and I am chuffed with myself so let me gloat. Think of this as a solid product recommendation though -  I mentioned in a video, tweeted it and Instagrammed Storied (is that what we're calling it now??) about it, and from someone who rarely raves about things thats big news. I feel like I've talked about it so much that I have to make a point that its not sponsored. But heyyy Primark if you're reading this. Eyyy.

So, Basically it's a weird awkward looking brush is a rubber flat top which I think looks really bloody strange. Im not really quite sure what Primark actually designed it to do as I can't imagine it applying anything makeup wise. Just imagine how thick your foundation would go on. But a little spark in my tired Sunday morning  brain went off that it would be absolutely perfect for messy face masks.

It's silicone so it's completely wipe clean, which it makes an absolute breeze to clean when using those horrid sticky (but super duper spot fighting) thick clay masks. Flat top foundation brushes have been my go to for these types of of occasions, but I find them a nightmare to clean and get all the product out. Plus I absolutely hate wasting face masks, Using this cuts down the wastage as very little is left in the brush which is fab.

I've not actually come across something like this in my time as a beauty addict so it was p. exciting seeing it as I was browsing the beauty section of Primark. Primark have recently launched a brand new range of makeup brushes with so insta-worthy looking rose gold ferrules, no idea if they are actually good or just v. good design.

But yeah, for £1.50 this isnt one to miss out on if you're into your skincare!


  1. Great idea! I was in Primark yesterday and I saw they had some make-up brushes but honestly didn't bother to look closely.

    T x


  2. Brill idea :) I too have never seen a brush like this before so I totally understand your love for it X


  3. I may have to follow and hop on this hype haha

    Meg ♡

  4. Will definitely check this out, primark's beauty range is really impressive lately!


  5. I actually really like their blush brush. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention :)


  6. This is only 50p now, picked one up after I saw another post from you (could have been your haul) :)

  7. This is only 50p now, picked one up after I saw another post from you (could have been your haul) :)

  8. i saw this in your haul and was really intrigued when you said it would be good for face masks! so glad it's great because what a bargain at £1.50!! need to get myself to primark asap

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin | COMPETITION

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  10. I love this review, it sounds very easy to clean and so cheap!



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  12. if only we had a primark here in Caliornia!!!

  13. Haha, looks great. It is a shame we don´t have Primark in Slovakia!

  14. One of my fav things to do is rummage through primark and seek out the best bargains! This post gives me such happiness lmao what a good idea!


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  16. I owould have never have thought to use this brush for face masks, such a good idea! xx


  17. Ooh what an amazing idea! I've seen this in Primark but picked it up and honestly thought what the hell would I do with this?! And then proceeded to put it back down. But now I'll buy it next time I see it!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  18. Primark have some absolute beauties in their beauty range and I definitely need to get my mitts on this!

    Love Katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

  19. This looks like such a fab idea :) best add it to my shopping list!


  20. This sounds amazing - definitely going to have to pick myself one up at £1.50!

    Lucy | Forever September

  21. Okay I'm quite interested but I've no idea what I'd actually use it for

    Mel ★ www.meleaglestone.co.uk

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  27. You can't beat a bargain!


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