If I had a pound for every time someone asked me how I made money from my blog then I would probably be retired by 30. Every time I tell someone I’m a blogger they always ask about money, always.


They all cry like it’s a unknown fact there are many people now out there making a sole income from the internet!

I always feel like asking them how they make money just to prove a point on how rude it really is to ask someone how they make money. It used to really bother me, but I grew to just accept it as curiousness and lack of knowledge about a pretty secretive field. I can totally understand from the outside looking in that you would have no idea how tapping a few words out onto a computer could potentially make money let alone sustain you as a full time job. 

So this post is in part for them and for anyone who wants to know how to monetise their blog if they weren't quite sure what to do or where to go.

There are lots of options out there to start monetising your website or blog. I will point out that not all monetisation methods work on every single blog, and there is no "set way" to make money. 

None the less each monetisation avenue is worth exploring until you find the one that works best for you and your own content. 

Affilate Marketing

It’s probably (in my opinion) controversial but I think that beauty and fashion bloggers get most of their income from affiliate marketing. This is when you earn a percentage of the sale when a reader clicks through and buys something via your special snowflake affiliate links. 

If you post about personal style or homewear, then this is p. lucrative money-maker. There are many networks out there you could look into that provide affiliate marketing, so look around for the one that suits you best. 

Selling Ads Yourself

Im not actually sure if people still do this as it's been years since Ive done it. But hey. You may want to start selling ad space in your blog’s sidebar. 

Target these prices towards small businesses and other bloggers who want a bit of exposure. Direct ad sales are a great way for smaller bloggers to get income, as these ads don't rely heavily on CPM, as you can set a fix price for these.

It might be a little more time consuming managing your own ads, but they can help build strong relationships with smaller brands. This type of advertising works a lot better for smaller blogs looking for a revenue stream that doesn't rely on huge amounts of traffic.

Ad networks

Ad networks are often more beneficial for blogs that have good/high traffic, as you are paid based on how many people see the advert or per page view. But to be honest I wont be alone in saying ad revenue from ad networks is way down. Like really down.

Back in 2013 the main chunk of my income came from ads, albeit my traffic was much much higher at the time but the actual amount of money you earn per person visiting your site has gone way way down.  Part of it is that theres just more blogs out there so CPM is spread a little thinner and part of it is I think advertises tend to go down the sponsored post route for more effective targeting.

Its not just me who noticed this so many of my old sk00l blogger pals feel the same. There's very little money in online ads these days and I often take mine off my blog because I don't think the pennies are worth it

None the less I think having ads is down to personal preference. The downside is that you also have no control over your adverts. I’ve had terrible takeover ads all over my blog once about feminine hygiene products and chips. While both useful and delicious in their own ways - hardly the most chic ads for a fashion blog!

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are when a brand approaches you about posting specifically about their product for a fee. Look at it like taking an advertorial out in a magazine.

Sponsored posts can come in many forms, they can be about promoting an event, product placement, paid-for reviews, pictures of places, etc. The downsides of sponsored posts are that your readers may grow to mistrust you if you start accepting posts on brands that dont fit your niche, personal style or can sense you don't believe in the product. 

Always, ALWAYS be honest and never take a sponsored post if you're not into the product or brand. Your brand is ALWAYS more important than money. This is something I think that people often forget, I personally don't believe a blogger/vlogger would do a sponsored post without thinking about what their audience will think about it, we really do care about our audience more than money compared to what some people think.

Sell something 

IDK if so many people do this anymore but starting up a shop off the back of your blog is a really simple way to get some extra income. If you're known for your DIY skills or your amazing thrifting, it might be worth opening up a shop to sell those bits onto others. You might even want to explore the possibility of writing your tips into an e-book and sell it! 

There are many merchandising options too for bloggers, so have a think about it as an alternative revenue stream if you arent quite at a level where you can draw money from sponsors or traditional adverts I think this is a good way to start.