I've been lusting after two tone espadrilles ala the infamous Chanel Espadrilles for a while now and one day on one of my usual jaunts around the ASOS site - I came across these beauts. Unfortunately they were out of stock in pretty much every size. Always the way isnt it? Fall hopelessly in love with something and they dangle it in front of your face.

After a lot of waiting and refreshing and genuinely contemplating if my trotters would fit into a size 4.  I for real made a new bookmark in my tabs so I could check it easily thats how much I wanted these shoes. THEY FINALLY CAME BACK.

I would recommend sizing up, I got a 6 even though I'm normally a 5 - They fit me perfectly so I presume they run a little small. I was skeptical about espadrilles as they normally hurt the soles of my feet a little as they are so flat. However I wore them pretty much everyday I was in America and no blisters or soreness at all! Not a single Compeed in sight which impressed me.

PS. Theres also 20% off on ASOS right now with the code YESPLEASE. Dont say I don't ever look out for you guys ;) Go forth and haul the shit out of it! Guess what my next video might be???