Think Like a Blogger prompt - Making Plans for the Summer

Summer is the time to start making memories and plotting some adventures. There is no better time like the present to get some ideas for filling out your summer schedule. The sun will be shining, moods will be at an all time high so its the perfect time to take some time out and create a summer you’ll never forget. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about things you could do this summer!

Take a Road Trip
Taking a trip in the country you live in is less pricey compared to a city break. It’s the perfect thing to do over a weekend! Get a group of buddies involved and rent out a cool Air BnB apartment or even one of those adorable hippy Yurts somewhere near the coast. See some sights, eat loads of food, let the wine flow freely and have a good laugh with your friends!

Host a Cocktail Party
Brush up on your mixology skills and host a cocktail party! Get your friends to bring a bottle of their favourite spirt and you can supply a bunch of fun mixers and lots of ice. Test your cocktail making skills and challenge your friends to see who can make the meanest Mojito!

Rent a Hot Tub
I said I wanted to do this last year but we never got around to actually hiring one but this time Im doing it. You can hire Hot Tubs for pretty cheap these days. Co,nine this with the Cocktail Party for ultimate pool party vibes!

Take lots of photos
I think photography sometimes feels like a lost art form. Im talking about those printed out photos from disposable cameras. I miss those! Get shutter happy this summer and take as many photos as you possibly can and at the end of the summer you can get them printed out in a phonebook or as individual prints for a memory box.

Get Crafty
Pinterest is something that I didn’t get for a very long time but I’ve recently become obsessed with looking at DIY pins.  Pinterest is the source of all things tasty looking, decor inspiration and fashionable chics. Pick out some of your favourite pins and document your own crafting journey! You never know, you might be pretty good at it!

Organise a group sport
When I was at college every week we used to organise a Rounders game down at one of the local parks. Every week without fail we’d all be down there batting away and having the best time. It’s something Ive really missed in recent years as it was such a laugh and so much fun. Im going to make an event on FB and invite everyone to a Rounders reunion sometime this summer so we can all catch up over some rounds (as well as a cheeky visit to a pub after!)