Think like a Blogger Prompt - 3 Wardrobe Essentials 

So today I thought I’d show you my 3 must have staple wardrobe items. They are probably no brainers if you’ve been following my blog for a while because they frequent almost every single post in some shape of form. While things like LBD’s and jeans are always hailed as wardrobe staples and I have to agree, there are a few items that my wardrobe would be incomplete without.

Striped Tee
I truly believe everyone should have at least one striped tee in their wardrobe. Chic, easy to style, versatile and are the perfect item to wear when you’re not sure what to wear. Stripes are a really neutral wardrobe item as well as they can be paired with pretty much any colour. Plus you get 10 Parisian points! Personally I think you can never have enough and I've never met a stripe that I didn’t like.

A while back one of my friends told me that they hadn’t seen me without a Fedora in about 6 months. It’s probably true actually because I was straight up addicted to them and I have a tower of them in my room to prove my point. I don’t know why I like them so much, maybe it’s because Im so lazy with my hair but I just like the vibe they add to my outfits. They are warm and add a certain something to an outfit. Fedora wearing tips - If the brim of the hat is small, wear the hat more tilted towards the head with the front of the brim sitting on your forehead. With wide brim fedora’s wear them right on the top of your head.

Leather Jacket

My Forever 21 faux leather jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for so long. I’ve actually had two of them after I lost one on a night out and then in some twist of fate I found one a year later in F21. These go with pretty much everything and are something that just take an outfit to the next level. I love pairing mine with girly dresses for a mix and match rock chic look. Yeah I just cringed at myself for writing Rock Chic. No one should ever say that ever.