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uk fashion blogger

So if you're a long time reader of my blog you'll know that me and my family go on holiday to the same hotel every year without fail. I didn't go last year as I decided to have a summer pursuing my own life rather than doing a thing with them. However this year I decided to just go ahead, join everyone and go again. It's only me, my brother, Step Dad and my Mum, so not a whole crew of us (I have a big family) so it should be pretty stress-free and easy going.

We're off to Turkey, which is looking to be a super hot, relaxing break. Im totally booking myself in for a Turkish Spa treatment as soon as I get there and then taking up residence right next to the pool to catch some serious sun. I really want a need a break right now, Im just feeling uninspired and unmotivated but I think thats just come from having a serious 6 months solid where I worked pretty much everyday all day without fail. Quiet time is really needed.

I've decided that Im not going to do any work or whatever while Im there but I know that I will go back on my word within a few days. I told myself not to bring my laptop with me but I know that I'd freak out and panic if I didnt. Either way Im not opening my emails until I get back to London.

Im also going home to see my Dad for a few days when I get back to the UK. My little brothers spoke to me on the phone recently and told me how much they wanted to do another vlog (they did this one for my Vlogging Channel) so as a doting sister I have to make it happen. Im actually not going to be back in London till either the second week of June or the weekend before (If I end up going to Wireless).

If you have any book recommendations that I could read poolside then let me know! Im really into crime and thriller novels and things that have twists. Im also into a lot of non-fiction stuff especially to do with true crime and history (that makes me sound so weird!) so send those my way!

Anyway if you want to follow my adventures then you can add me on Snapchat or on Instagram my username on both is LLYMLRS. Im sure I'll be snapping away keeping you up to date with things!