Rodnik x Peanuts collaboration

When I found this I wasn't actually in the market for a new makeup bag. I was just in Urban Outfitters with Zoe while she was looking for . Of course I ended up picking a few bits up including a silly valentines card, some hand cream and this makeup bag. Im always suckered into the bits by the till. Yeap, That kinda person.

It's part of the Rodnik x Peanuts collaboration - Rodnik are a super cool pop art inspired British label and Im sure most people are familiar with Peanuts! If you aren't then you really need to up your cartoon game. Snoopy... HELLO. Featuring some peeper illustrations and some really cool liquorice all-sorts this bag is seriously fun. This makeup bag is the perfect size for overnight trips and keeps all my makeup and brushes in the same place.  Although it's already showing signs of getting a little bit grubby due to my makeup transferring everywhere and a little unexpected highlighter explosion! I love it none the less.