Why I'm not going to Fashion Week

So after lots of ums and ahh’s I’ve made the decision NOT to go to London Fashion Week this season. I’ve been sitting on applying for tickets for too long and I can’t bring myself to go scrabble around for my login pin for a pass.As somewhat of a seasoned LFW-er the decision not to go is somewhat of a controversial one, especially in blogging circles. But I’ve firmly decided my place is not there - right now.

Not to say I’ll never go again, theres just something not clicking for me right now. Don’t get me wrong I love Fashion Week. Going to shows and having the privilege of going backstage at some top shows is one of the highlights of my blogging experience and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Over the seasons I’ve been able to meet designers and experience the hustle and bustle of backstage some of the best fashion designers in the world.

In recent years I’ve seen a huge shift. Bloggers get even more disrespected, peacocking is rife and it’s generally 5 days of blagging, bragging and pointless one up man ship. Not a day goes by where you don’t hear something along these lines. "Oh you’re standing… Well Im on the fourth row” "I had a breakfast event, then another gifting lounge and then got street styled loads!" "Are you going to any shows?” “Well… no”. It’s just dumb. I don’t want to stand around for hours freezing myself to death in the hope someone may snap me for some obscure fashion website or run across town in the hopes of maybe getting into XYZ show.

Fashion week on the outside looking in is glamorous and exciting - and trust me it is for those 10 minutes of shows but the 45 hour queuing before shows in the freezing cold or soaking up the inevitable London rain is not.

I don’t know if I’ve got to the point where the buzz has worn off it the point where I’ve just realised maybe my place isn’t at Fashion Week. I love fashion, catwalks and being able to see the latest trends and designer signatures first hand.  But personal style is where it’s at for me and it always has been. I never know if it's obvious, but the street style on the cobbles of Somerset House is not personal style. It’s exaggerations of people’s everyday styles in the name of being snapped for street style websites or for so and so’s blog. Is its really something most 20 something girls like myself get inspired by? It’s debatable. It's become an unauthentic version of itself to be point where street style is a glorified parody of what others expect from "street style". It's sad really because there are those awesome well dressed people out there who are killing it... but then someone comes along in something ridiculous photographers crowd around them as if to gawp at some sort of rare exotic bird. So the images can be plastered all over the press in the name of "WOW ISNT FASHION SO CRAZY"

I think for me, I've got past the stage of enjoying it and it's become a chore. I always think when something isn't fun anymore thats when you stop. I love it while Im there but then bitterly regret the pre, during and post stress it induces. It's so hard to explain and justify if you're not part of that world because it just comes across as petty problems because it's such an "easy job" when it really isn't.

I know come Friday I’ll be experiencing extreme FOMO and will probably cave and go to a few shows. I mean how can I pretend Im on the #FROW or pose next to a Mercedes Benz Car. What if I have the chance to meet Harry Styles again? How will my life go on without bragging about being backstage? None the less I’ll be pulling up a pew on my virtual Front Row and if you guys would like to join me then follow me on Twitter while I do some tweet alongs to my favourite shows.

Let me know what you think about LFW. Honestly, me and Fashion Week have always had a love hate relationship and it’s a constant struggle. But deciding on a firm no, is kinda big deal to me.


  1. Lily I think this is an incredibly smart decision. Your blog has always been about personal style and I can completely agree why you wouldn't want to go. I've always thought that Fashion Week was probably never as glam as it looked. I still want to go at some point in my life, but right now, no, not for me

  2. I've never been on the fashion week! And very much like to get to try it once :)


  3. I was thinking of writing a similar post! It seems it has got way too much about the peacocking and flooding Instagram rather than actually enjoying being there.
    Great post!

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  4. Inspiration lurks in the most unexpected of places, so it stands to reason that a fashion week would be crawling with them


  5. You need to proof read your title. It doesn't make sense!

    1. Makes perfect sense to me. Good for you Lily, people always think the grass is greener on the other side.

  6. I went to fashion week twice and found it extremely pretentious.

    Although I do genuinely love to go and see the new collections, I found I was one of the only few people in the audience that actually did.

    It seemed a majority of people were just there to get snapped in a ridiculous outfit that they wouldn't wear for any other reason other than to pose around Somerset House. Usually scantily clad with an accessory of goosebumps because it's actually too cold to be wearing those tiny chic culottes and crop top.

  7. I'd love to go to Fashion Week at some point because it looks like a great experience! But like you say, it also looks very competitive and stressful, which kind of puts me off!

    Millie x || Millies Wardrobe

  8. Well put Lily! I'm going through a bit of a phase at the moment- like you said, I just can't deal with the peacocking and one up manship of blogging in general at the moment. I feel like there's been a big shift towards showing off and not enough about your personality and opinions anymore.

  9. I did my entire dissertation about blogging and that aspect of it all... I totally agree with you, it's a circus outside fashion shows/fashion week in general and street style is just not the same anymore. The original purity and integrity has gone! I think you've made a wise decision. Not good for ANYone's self-esteem.

  10. I loved going when I lived in London because it was a chance to catch up with blogger friends I don't see very often, but some of the stuff people wear just for the sake of being photographed is ridiculous!

  11. this was such an insightful post lily! I've always dreamed of going to FW but this made me see that it might not be all as glamorous and fun as it seems from an outside perspective. love your content as always!

    charlotte from www.charlottesweb8.blogspot.com xx

    PS. just to let you know harry styles is in australia at the moment on tour so there's probably not much chance of bumping into him if this influences your decision at all;)

  12. I've never been to fashion week and it's definitely something on the bucket list, but I can imagine the repetitiveness aswell! Enjoy enjoying the shows from the comfort of your own bed lol

    A little bit Unique - Blog//Bloglovin//Instagram

    Ellen x

  13. It's a very big decision, and all your reasoning is very valid - you want to enjoy the shows and not worry about being in pain/tired/cold for hours. I would love to go to LFW, but I also want it to be easy and enjoyable!

    Hopefully it'll let you refresh and think about how you'd do it differently next time

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  14. I think it depends what you're going for, in all honesty. I've been to LFW a couple of times now, as well as Seoul and I'm potentially going to Paris next season, depending, but I've always thoroughly enjoyed my time at the venues. I've only been invited to shows in Seoul, never at London, but I really enjoy LFW to chat with the photographers and other bloggers if they want to. Peacocking is rife, true, but I love taking outfit shots of slightly unconventional things, and it's a lot harder to stick my friends in something they'd never really wear for a shoot than go to FW for a couple of days. As crazy as that sounds.

    The decision sounds like the right one for you, though, I do think more and more people are becoming disenchanted with the idea of FW which is sad.

    little miss fii || Fii x

  15. Fair enough - it sounds awful to be honest! That kind of showing off behaviour irritates the life out of me, I don't think I would have the stomach for it either!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  16. Last year, I got invited to my first show as a blogger. I was so grateful and honoured. I got there, and even though I whole heartedly loved being backstage and of course watching the show... the chaos and strange outfits that surrounded the outskirts of Somerset House, the dirty looks and judgemental stares.... it was not what I expected at all. I loved spending time with other bloggers and seeing the show in action, but everything else I would happily miss. So I think your decision is a great one :) Good for you.

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  17. YES! I totally understand where you are coming from, Lily. I've been going to Fashion Week since 2011, and the 'glam' side of things has worn off on me a bit. It was once about seeing the up and coming/established designs and getting inspired, but it gone a bit pear-shaped with people judging people on where they sit (or in my case, stand). It's turned into a race to nab FROW goodie bags (yeah, I've seen that happen...) and just loitering around, stalking celebs and bragging on Instgram.
    I find myself super uncomfortable with people who just pose on the cobbles, waiting to be papped, not even having tickets for a single show.
    I think that a lot of people forget it's a trade event, where a lot of work is done and a lot of money is made to boost the British fashion industry.
    But one day (maybe Sept Season, I'll fall back in love with it!)
    Please have a read of a similar post I wrote: Bloggers At Fashion Week, where I basically express similar concerns!

    Great, honest post! I hope you can fall back in love with it again! :)

  18. I'd definitely find it a really stressful experience and find it all a little OTT anyway! xo

  19. I think if you're the type of blogger who literally just goes to be seen, and 'just be at fashion week' for the sake of it, then yes it's fine to not go, and to miss out a season or two. However, the reason why the majority of genuine bloggers go to fashion week is to see the clothes, discover the trends as well as support British Fashion Talent by covering it on their blogs.
    So I guess if that's not the reason behind going, and if for some bloggers it is all about showing off that you're there and actually got a seat and not standing, then it's probably a wise decision not to go.

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  20. Lily--there will defiantly be a high level of ostentatious and rather inauthentic behavior at LFW.

    I think you did the right thing for you. You made a decision to keep yourself away from an environment that is unhealthy for you--where bloggers are competing and boasting about status--simply gross--and you are simply, at 24, too mature for such nonsense.

    I also think by knowing yourself, you know your fans.


  21. I went once and decided it wasn't for me either! I'm going to be with you on the virtual FROW instead :) x


  22. I really don't blame you! Love your honesty in this post <3

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // YouTube

  23. Nice photos and really cute outfit !

    Win Pink in Tokyo clothing on my blog !

  24. I love this fabulous & honest perspective, sadly, I have not been able to go and enjoy LFW. So I have often dreamt & wondered what it must be like. Sadly, it sounds as though it's not all about appreciating fashion & art anymore?
    Rebecca xxx

  25. That was honest and glad you got to experience it. I've really wanted to go and maybe this year I'm going to my countries fashion week which I'm excited for. Maybe you will feel different about it later on.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  26. As I said on Twitter I really respect the stand you're taking!

    average adventures

  27. The most important thing is having a good time doing something you like, if you feel disrespected, then you are not missing anything there. So glad you were so honest.

  28. This is why I admire you as a blogger and you're one of my favourites. So honest and humble, don't change XO


  29. Brilliantly honest, Lily. I've always wanted to go but I totally get where you're coming from and I can imagine it's not as glam as people like to make out!

    www.inspirationormadness.com xx

  30. I've never been to fashion week before and you have pretty much written out all the reasons why I have never want to go and I don't plan too. I've never really taken masses of inspiration from the catwalks and I'm not a massive fan of the fashion industry anyway. I'm all about personal style and street style, and I think that a lot of the 'street style' seen at fashion week is basically fake - I like real like street style, which you don't really see much of anymore!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  31. I love that you're doing what you think is right! If fashion week isn't for you then you shouldn't go. I would love to go just to experience it once but I totally believe all the one upping and cattiness that goes on behind the scenes. And I agree I love personal style way more! :)


  32. i've never really thought about it that way and had no idea about all of the more unglamourous aspects. of course, having never been before, i would love to go to a show or two in the future but i can see how the novelty might wear off. just gotta do what's right for you in the end!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  33. I'm pretty much the same to be honest, this will be my eighth season and every time it's exhausting and a little bit soul destroying. I have to go for work but if it was up to me, I'd be making the same decision as you. Don't get me wrong, I love LFW but sometimes we all need a bit of a break from the fake-ness of it all.

    Tweet xx

  34. I love how honest this post is Lily. As much as I'd love to go to fashion week I don't think I could be bothered with all the posery and snootiness that I'm sure goes on. I've heard stories about bloggers getting disrespected quite a bit too so hearing your reasons for not going, I think you've made the right decision! Sounds like you've gained some amazing experiences from it in the past though and HELLO...you were in the same room as Harry Styles!! I think I'd have just quit then and there hahah <3
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  35. Even though I've never been anywhere near the action of LFW, from what I've seen, people are all about the attention rather than the trend-seeking side of it. It all seems really pretentious and I've been aware of that for some time. I really respect the maturity behind your decision x


  36. I have never been to a Fashion Week, but after blogging for more than 2 years I understood what's behind a FW. Anyway I appreciated your honestly point of view!

    How to combine a mustard sweater on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  37. Great post and decision! I would love to go to some Fashion Week! =)

    NEW POST on http://whattostyle.blogspot.com/

    God bless you!

  38. Such a well written post Lily and a smart decision that you've made based on the reality of it all - I'm really glad you shared this side of it! Personally I've never had an interest in people posting about any fashion week - I'd much rather read & look a pictures of daily outfits x


  39. I think youre spot on about personal style & FW not being about that, at all. Especially now you can watch the shows mostly live online, you can enjoy it whether you're there or not!
    Sarah-Jane xo // www.vmgirl.me

  40. This is such a nice post because its so truthful . I've never been to LFW, but I've always wanted to go but your reasons for not going makes me think maybe its a good thing i'm not going. I want to an event like this because everyone's passionate and is up for sharing that with other people. I also love the idea of showing off more street style and sharing whats real! :)

  41. I love how honest you are Lily and even though I still really want to go to LFW I have had friends who have gone and said exactly the same as you about how competitive it all is x

  42. Adore the jacket, this looks like an amazing event!! x


  43. I love how totally honest you have been about the dark side of fashion week, it's so refreshing to read! x


  44. I can imagine you will get a touch of FOMO especially as you live in such close proximity being in London, but I totally think you've made the right decision - think how cosy it'll be watching Burberry from the comfort of your bed ;) And your bit about street style at fashion week is SO TRUE, it's just not inspiring anymore because it's so obviously engineered and OTT.

  45. I agree, I've been going to fashion week for the last 3 years and the novelty certainly wears off, especially when you're going there for work. The people who turn up in the most ridiculous clothing and start straddling the walls in the hope of a photo are actually quite annoying, and I agree, my style is also very different and the classic, more refined looks barely get a look in anymore.

    And there is nothing more irritating then 'I was sat two rows in front of you'. Unless you're the bloody designer, there will ALWAYS be someone who's happy to tell you that their fashion week experience was allegedly more fantastic then your own. I still love going though, and I see it for what it is - fashion, the industry, its the art, the vision and the creativity. I try my best to ignore the rubbish that comes with it and focus on what I love!

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  46. I always imagined I would love fashion week and it seemed like a pipe dream. Weirdly I won tickets last year and for some reason just completely went off the idea and gave the tickets to my friend. I just realised I wouldn't enjoy it and it just seemed a massive hassle.
    My friend tried to make out it was amazing but I know in reality she was disappointed, she didn't see anyone, get in anywhere and basically just hung out alone. No thanks, her stories made me glad I didn't go.

    Lucy x

  47. I completely understand your decision. I'd love to go for the experience but gloating and show man ship always irritates me a little bit.

  48. this was such an eye opener to me! i love the inside look we get at fashion week through bloggers and vloggers such as yourself but your post has reinforced to me how we tend to edit out the grubbier bits of our day that we don't think people want to see. i would still love to attend a show, but i think i would take the experience with a pinch of salt. love your style lily <3


  49. I've never been to LFW but i can understand the struggle.


  50. This is seriously an amazing post, and to be honest Fashion Weeks of any kind are always so glamorized and from the outside it definitely looks amazing! Thanks for exposing the reality, and I'm so glad you shared your honest opinion.

  51. I absolutely adore clothes and style, but 'Fashion Weeks' really seem to suck all the fun out of something that is supposed to be creative, enjoyable and pretty. It makes it extremely ugly, filled with over the topness, exaggeration and competitiveness. I've never been to a FW but all of it just looks completely unappealing to me and your description is exactly how I see it. Good for you for not pretending to enjoy it just because you're 'supposed to'!

  52. I have to say I absolutely cringe seeing some of the LFW pictures - well of the people attending. Some just look so desperate to be noticed which I guess they are - but it's just so... CRINGE!

  53. Loved reading this post and I appreciate your honesty! I've always wanted to attend London Fashion Week but definitely for the more positive reasons you've listed. Some of the magazine shots of street are extremely ridiculous. I'm all for people expressing themselves but I think the trying too hard kind of fashion is ruled over by the genuine personal style lovers and by the sounds of it - that's pretty off putting x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

  54. Great post Lily. I've never been to LFW as I don't feel 'fashionable enough' as my personal style is super simple and not over the top at all. I tend to live vicariously through other bloggers so it's really interesting to hear another perspective on what it's like x

  55. You. are. awesome. THIS is why this is the only fashion blog I read. Because I feel like you actually do wear the outfits you post here, and that I could also actually wear some of the pieces too, without attracting stares.
    There are so many style blogs that I just find quite disingenuous - like, did you really wear a transparent pink PVC tutu and sculptural sky-high statement shoes to brunch? Really though? Really? - and LFW has become a weird extension of that.
    For me real personal style that works for real people (who have to actually be able to walk etc) wins out every time. That's why your blog is so fab.

  56. What a fantastic post! Love your honesty and while I too would like the chance to experience LFW, I feel a little better prepared as a newbie fashion blogger. And I think you've made the right decision this year, if you're not feeling it you don't wanna push it and then start to resent the whole event. A break from that world might be super refreshing!


  57. HI Lily,

    As a long time reader of you, I've remembered past posts you wrote on LFW and that you were stressed sometimes at some points of the week. I have always admired your honesty and open approach to fashion (and) blogging and there were many points where I completely understand you in this post. Some people have perceived Fashion as a huge, mind-boggling complex that you need to be/dress/be better than this and that to get anywhere in the business. I suppose it's easy to get tied up in because of FOMO!

    Though, really, it is best to stay true to who yourself, and you Lily, are AWESOME!

    Best Wishes from Elly xx


  58. http://theselittlepiggie.blogspot.co.uk

    I love how honest you are..... You stay true to yourself! It's good to see!

  59. I think this is such an honest post and a good decision on your behalf! plus, its better not to get stressed out when you're trying to have fun!


  60. This is an amazing & honest post. You're the only one blogger that speaks about those bad aspects (wait, talk, scorn, stress...) of FW because all I read is how great it is, the top thing, a lot of them pretend to have access to shows while they're just here for ss snaps (I'm not saying it's bad, I get it). Some might think it's crazy to say "no" to this but you've got decent points and it's nice that you share it with us. You're gold. I hope everything is okay for you, I kind of see some sadness in your recent post, keep the good work and stay as you are, you're awesome, even if I don't know you IRL. :)


  61. everything you have said was just spot on. I also decided to not go this year. xo

  62. Really enjoyed this post. It's really refreshing to see an honest picture of this event given the obscene amount of hype/advertorials for it. Glad you're resisting the pressure to go if it doesn't feel right for you and it's great that you're letting everyone know about some of the accessibility issues which may be problems for some people who would be considering attending. Of course, the photos are also beautiful as always!


  63. I loved reading this, i think its good to see a blogger thats not decided to go to LFW. It looks like a great event but if you are not going to enjoy it to your full potential then there is no point.

    I see where you come from when you talk about street style snaps. For me, my blog is about my every day look and my personal style & a lot of people that get snapped are the hyped p looks that aren't actually creative x


  64. Couldn't agree more. I love fashion and style don't get me wrong but I have always thought Fashion Week is so pretentious and all about bragging. Generally I won't even bother reading some of my favourite blogger's post during it as it just annoys me so much!

  65. I've just come here from Hannah Gale's post on why she isn't going either and I absolutely agree with both of you. I have long thought that LFW seems like it's become a caricature of itself, with people dressing in more and more outrageous outfits every year just to get featured in an obscure street style piece. I end up unfollowing a lot of Instagrammers around this time because it winds me up so much.

    It sounds like you've made the right decision for you. Great thoughts.

  66. I read your blog a lot but not always one to comment, what a great post. I've been blogging for a few years and I do it because I genuinely like to write about things that interest me in my spare time, not to get freebies or invites but that's what blogging, for a lot of people out there, has turned into. The sad thing about fashion week now is that you see a lot of these photos where people are peacocking and they all look the same?! When everyone is trying to do 'quirky' then those who are dressing normally are actually the ones doing something different. A lot of my friends (who aren't bloggers) assume that bloggers are all dressed as ridiculously and cartoonish as some of these ones hanging around the cobbles at fashion week, and to be honest it gives the genuine bloggers a bad name. Blagging, whether it's for publicity, free gifts or show invites, is seriously uncool as is the bragging that goes on afterwards. Would much rather read a genuine blog than one that's trying to get known for being 'out there' x

  67. I've ne'er been to fashion week before and you've got just about written out all the explanations why I even have ne'er wish to travel and that i do not arrange too. I've ne'er extremely taken lots of inspiration from the catwalks and i am not a colossal fan of the style trade anyway. i am all regarding personal vogue and street vogue, and that i assume that lots of the 'street vogue' seen at fashion week is largely faux - i favor real like street style, that you do not extremely see abundant of anymore!
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