So after lots of ums and ahh’s I’ve made the decision NOT to go to London Fashion Week this season. I’ve been sitting on applying for tickets for too long and I can’t bring myself to go scrabble around for my login pin for a pass.As somewhat of a seasoned LFW-er the decision not to go is somewhat of a controversial one, especially in blogging circles. But I’ve firmly decided my place is not there - right now.

Not to say I’ll never go again, theres just something not clicking for me right now. Don’t get me wrong I love Fashion Week. Going to shows and having the privilege of going backstage at some top shows is one of the highlights of my blogging experience and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Over the seasons I’ve been able to meet designers and experience the hustle and bustle of backstage some of the best fashion designers in the world.

In recent years I’ve seen a huge shift. Bloggers get even more disrespected, peacocking is rife and it’s generally 5 days of blagging, bragging and pointless one up man ship. Not a day goes by where you don’t hear something along these lines. "Oh you’re standing… Well Im on the fourth row” "I had a breakfast event, then another gifting lounge and then got street styled loads!" "Are you going to any shows?” “Well… no”. It’s just dumb. I don’t want to stand around for hours freezing myself to death in the hope someone may snap me for some obscure fashion website or run across town in the hopes of maybe getting into XYZ show.

Fashion week on the outside looking in is glamorous and exciting - and trust me it is for those 10 minutes of shows but the 45 hour queuing before shows in the freezing cold or soaking up the inevitable London rain is not.

I don’t know if I’ve got to the point where the buzz has worn off it the point where I’ve just realised maybe my place isn’t at Fashion Week. I love fashion, catwalks and being able to see the latest trends and designer signatures first hand.  But personal style is where it’s at for me and it always has been. I never know if it's obvious, but the street style on the cobbles of Somerset House is not personal style. It’s exaggerations of people’s everyday styles in the name of being snapped for street style websites or for so and so’s blog. Is its really something most 20 something girls like myself get inspired by? It’s debatable. It's become an unauthentic version of itself to be point where street style is a glorified parody of what others expect from "street style". It's sad really because there are those awesome well dressed people out there who are killing it... but then someone comes along in something ridiculous photographers crowd around them as if to gawp at some sort of rare exotic bird. So the images can be plastered all over the press in the name of "WOW ISNT FASHION SO CRAZY"

I think for me, I've got past the stage of enjoying it and it's become a chore. I always think when something isn't fun anymore thats when you stop. I love it while Im there but then bitterly regret the pre, during and post stress it induces. It's so hard to explain and justify if you're not part of that world because it just comes across as petty problems because it's such an "easy job" when it really isn't.

I know come Friday I’ll be experiencing extreme FOMO and will probably cave and go to a few shows. I mean how can I pretend Im on the #FROW or pose next to a Mercedes Benz Car. What if I have the chance to meet Harry Styles again? How will my life go on without bragging about being backstage? None the less I’ll be pulling up a pew on my virtual Front Row and if you guys would like to join me then follow me on Twitter while I do some tweet alongs to my favourite shows.

Let me know what you think about LFW. Honestly, me and Fashion Week have always had a love hate relationship and it’s a constant struggle. But deciding on a firm no, is kinda big deal to me.