My Hair History

So it's about darn time I got my hair redone. I've been growing my tresses out for a the good part of 6 months, partly as I was at a loss of what to actually do next with my hair! My natural hair is a sort of mid toned, neutral brown shade. I've toyed with the idea of going dark all over again but I think it's time to do one last blondie hurrah and add a little bit of colour in the process.

Over the years I've had everything from the iconic LLYMLRS Ombre hair, pink hair, purple, red and goodness knows what else. When I was younger I'd chop and change loads back in the day. I had black hair with a red side bit for the longest time during my teens, probably two years. It meant I could hide it for school but also have the colour show through at the weekends. I really liked my hair when it was the purple shade but from what I remember I don't think I had that very long. I think I went back to brown very quickly because it was to hard to keep up the exact shade I liked. My least favourite hair colour was black as didn't suit me at all and made me look so pale and washed out but that was all part of the scene-emo look back then! I thought I was SO COOl.

I'm teaming up with LIVE Colour to refresh my hair for 2015 and to help out with their 2015 Lookbook. We've created a super cool look which I cannot wait to debut! Im currently sitting on set as we film the look and Im beaming with excitement! We're creating a simple how-to which will be up on their Youtube channel soon! So definitely keep an eye out over the next few weeks, as Im going to be posting bits. To see more about my journey go to