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tips on instagram shoes selfie

The shoe selfie has rose to popularity over the last year all so, while always a classic in blogging scenes more and more of us are wanting to share #fromwhereistand "Shoefie". Shoe selfies are all about showing off your excellent choice of footwear, a snazzy location, awesome travelling locations and other adorable things from above. Today I’m sharing a few of my top tips from the above selfie, guaranteed to get people double tapping!

Awkward but my number 1 tip is to stick your butt out. A sneaky way to make your legs look leaner and longer due to it being a more flattering angle. While not the most ladylike of poses it's a shoe-in for making the best of your legs! Find the pose that makes your legs look the best - For me this is the way I get the most flattering look is if I stick my butt out and shoot from around my belly button downwards

Location, Location, Location! Location-wise is all about picking something that adds a little bit of visual interest to an image. Think about cool floor tiles, bricks or patterned rugs. As it’s Fall - dry, crispy orange leaves on the ground add a lovely seasonal feel to an image. Plus, they contrast so well with your new brown boots! I like to take shoe selfies when I go on trips to have a consistent way of documenting all the new and unique places I visit.

Accessorise - Add a cute bag, drinks bottle or whatever you fancy into shot to add even more colour and interest. A furry friend on the ground is also a sweet little addition! (I’m almost 90% more likely to like an image if it contains a cute pet!)

I always think about the shoe's first, then the perfect location second! At the end of the day, it’s all about the shoes- We are doing shoefie’s after all! Showcase your favourite, fanciest and most on trend footwear for the world to see in all its glory.

Tag your images! I always tag the name of the shop the shoe came from in the “Tag people” part of the image. This also means anyone who see’s the shoe can see where its from with ease! It saves having to answer the question “where are they from?” over and over again! I also think it's quite nice to geotag shoe images so you know where they are taken to look back on. Don't forget to use the all important #fromwhereistand tag too!

I hope that has helped anyone looking to master the technique! I personally love a good shoe selfie, it says so much but is so simple at the same time. Let me know if you have any other tips and tricks up your sleeve for this type of shot. And don't forget to check me out or follow me on Instagram to see more of my pictures (: