Hello Mojito Mouthwash review swatch photo

This purchase is should be filed under ”times when Lily has bought things purely because of the packaging”. On a usual jaunt around Boots I spotted these well designed little bottles and went in for a closer look. Upon discovering it was mouthwash (much disappointment) and then realising it was Mojito flavoured (excite!) I put it straight in my basket and marched to the till.

I absolutely love Mojito’s - for those unfamiliar or too young to drink Mojito’s are limey, sugary, minty drinks of goodness. My go-to cocktail. Time for me to make a weird admission - I hate mint mouthwash. It makes me gag and retch, it’s the same with toothpaste. For years I’ve used unflavoured toothpaste or eucalyptus ones because I hate the taste of synthetic mint.

The Hello Mojito Mouthwash contains no alcohol, no dyes or sweeteners and not tested on animals. While it is quite minty, it doesn’t taste synthetic and the punch of lime cuts through the mint. After rinsing around a bit my mouth feel clean and pleasant. I found it to be quite unusual and a little gimmicky but considering I’m a bit anti mouthwash - it was a nice change. At £5.99 it's pretty expensive but you are paying for a more unique product!

Im still laughing that I’ve written this much about a mouthwash.


Hello Mojito Mouthwash review swatch