cutting down on shoes

I’m more than aware the fact I own a ridiculous amount of shoes - More than an average girl my age for sure. I was thinking about streamlining my wardrobe - I kid myself but it’ll never actually happen. Although it did get me thinking about if I could have 4 pairs of shoes which ones would I keep. One pair of heels, boots, flats and trainers.

office kandy shoes

I’m not really a flat shoe girl but I would 100% go with my brand new Office Kandy Shoes. I love their modern geometric shape and how flattering they are on my feet. They are simplistic but stylish and a statement shoe in their own right. While I probably own comfier flat shoes I would totally pick these ones over the rest.

vagabond dioon chelsea boots

If I was to pick one pair of boots then I think I’d need to think about it. I have countless pairs of boots that I genuinely do love and wear on a regular rotation. After a little bit of deliberation I settled on my Vagabond Dioon Chelsea Boots. It was a close call between these and my lace up Dioon boots but the Chelsea style just beat them. The perfect height, they go with pretty much everything and are the ideal versatile shoe. I can wear these all day and walk around for ages without my feet hurting.

best skate shoes

Skate shoes had a big revival in 2014 and I for one really embraced that trend. My wardrobe is full of an assortment of different ones. If I was to pick one pair of trainers to wear for there rest of my life then I’d go with my snakeskin Topshop Tika 2’s. While not strictly in the trainer camp these babies are my go to comfy casual shoe. I do have a soft spot for my Nike’s these ones are more wearable and sit oh so naturally into my day to day dressing.

new look heels

For heels I’d choose my New Look duo toned block heels. I don’t think you can get these anymore but they are honestly my go-to heels. As I’m pretty monochromatic in my dressing anyway these seem to go with pretty much every outfit I wear. I like to wear them with dresses, trousers or skirts. They are the perfect height as they don’t make me feel too tall or too small and they never hurt my feet after dancing the night away.

So thats it. The 4 pairs of shoes I'd keep if I had to really cut down my shoedrobe. As I said this isnt happening anytime soon for me but it's fun to consider which shoes you own which you get the most wear out of. I probably wear each of these pairs at least one a week without fail and couldn't live without them. What are your must have shoes? Which ones could you not live without? Let me know in comments!