the best brow tip ever

the best brow tip ever

I'm often asked about my eyebrows. I've always had big bushy brows but thanks to Cara big brows are back in and finally I feel comfortable with the slugs that line my eyes. Today I thought I'd share my number 1 brow tip!

My number 1 tip with brows is to just go with the shape. One thing I learnt really on in my brow journey that trying to change my natural brow shape too much can lead to much disappointment.

If you don't have naturally arched eyebrows no matter what you try and do they arent going to look natural if you're getting them shaped up to your forehead. Also be really really careful when it comes to the middle of your brows. I spent about a year reshaping the front of my brows after a terrible over zealous threading session. It makes a huge difference to your brow shape and how they balance out your features.

Check how your eyebrows naturally fall rather than trying to get them waxed/plucked/threaded into a shape. They might look good when you first get them done but overtime they'll loose shape quicker and look messier.

If you're not confident with brow shaping recommend going to a professional and asking them about what shape they think your brows should be. If in doubt always go ask for help. It'll save you a lot of tears and upset. No body wants to be left with tadpole sperm brows? Amirite?


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