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Looking after your eyes is a must. At the grand age of 24 I’ve started to notice how my eyes are showing signs of ageing. Fine lines, dark circles and discolouration. Not cute. Eye cream isn’t just something that your nan uses. We should all look after our under eye areas, it’s an essential part of a skincare routine. Eyes are delicate and sensitive - rubbing off our mascara and tugging at them to apply our eyeliner - not the best. Giving your eyes a bit of extra attention and love will make a hinge difference. It will help keep your eyes looking brighter, more awake, reduce shadows, and minimise any early morning puffiness. Picking a eye cream might be a bit daunting (boring) but here are my favourites to help you pick your own!

Origins No Puffery is a lovely cooling rollerball under eye treatment. It’s soothing, cooling and really perks up the under eye area. It’s my quick fix under eye treatment. It quells under eye puffing in no time! Benefit’s It’s Potent is my personal favourite eye cream. It’s thick and creamy but sinks straight into the skin. Using my ring finger I’ll take a light layer on or when my eyes are in need of a deep hydration I apply a thick layer like a under eye mask. I also really like the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream as it’s affordable, cooling and brightening on the under eye area. It’s also 99% natural which is great for those conscious of the environment!


ORIGINS NO PUFFERY review swatch
BENEFIT IT'S POTENT  review swatch


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