best bronzers for summer
best bronzers for summer

As mentioned last week me and blusher broke up last year in favour of bronzer. I’ve always liked bronzer… but now I love it.There is nothing like a bronzed cheek in the right shade and finish to perk up even the dullest looking skin tones.

Summer has dawned and there is nothing I desire more than a flattering kiss of the terracotta stuff. My olive skin tone doesn’t like a lot of bronzers though, with too many pulling too muddy or ashy and some looking like I’ve just left the cast of TOWIE.

Here’s a quick lowdown of my favourite bronzing compacts right now.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer* has been a firm favourite for a while. I have it in shade 2, 3 and 4 but I think 3 is my personal favourite. Not too chalky, never dull and gives the right glow to the face. It’s also really budget friendly and comes in beautiful honey inspired packaging.

Guerlain Four Seasons Terracotta Bronzing Powder* has been at the top of my bronzing wardrobe for such a long time now. 4 different shades of warm orangey glow that swirl together to  add that extra warmth in all the right places.

I’m a recent convert over to Benefit Hoola* as well - Ages ago I thought it was too muddy for my skin tone but it’s grown on me. It's great for adding shape to the face as it's not too shimmery or orange in tone.