how to style hair in summer
easy summer hairstyles

Since getting the chop I’ve been experiencing less hair related hot mess syndrome than I did last summer. It still doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the heat some days. Now Im not suggest y’all head over to the hairdresser and chop off your prized locks but here are four examples of hair do’s that you can do when your feeling like a hot mess.

Sock Bun - Pull your hair back into a sleek high bun and use a sock as a “hair rat” to give a bit of volume and shape. You could always use a hair donut if you have one to hand!

Fishtail Braid - These are much easier to do than they look. Check youtube for visual tutorials but what you do is take the back section and cross it over the front and repeat until braided down.

Milkmaid Braid - A little trickier than other hairstyles on this list but once you get this hair technique down it’s a winner. If you have longer hair you can cheat a milkmaid braid by splitting the hair into two braids and wrapping them around the head.

The Simple Tuck - I recently did a video on this super easy hairstyle over on my Youtube Channel but it basically involves tucking your hair into a headband until it looks like a roll at the back. One of my favourite hairstyles as it’s suitable for pretty much all hair lengths.