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I’ve seen quite a few of these types of posts floating around over the past few months and thought it was about time I shared my take on Iphonography. I don’t particularly think I’m very good at it, take one look at my feed and it’s selfies, photos of Aerys and a few outfit snaps. None the less I do really enjoy Instagram and I have to admit that it’s one of my favourite social media platforms. I somehow managed to amass over 100k of you guys on my Instagram so heres a mini guide of my favourite apps and some of my Instagram tips!

My Favourite Apps

Does anyone still use the basic Instagram filters? Not me anyway. Although since they’ve introduced the editing tools within the app I find myself doing a little bit of in app fiddling! I’m sure none of these are going to be groundbreaking but if it helps one person then I’m happy with that. Im always hearing about new apps that completely change the way I Instagram so hopefully you’ll find one you haven’t heard of before. Feel free to share your favourite apps in the comments!

VSCOCAM: This is pretty much THE ONE when it comes to apps. It’s the only app I use religiously as it does everything I need it to do and has the best selection of filters I’ve come across. I like that it makes things a little more interesting, rustic and adds depth. Photos in VSCOCAM just look so different compared to all the other filter app's I've tried.

AFTERLIGHT: Afterlight was introduced to me via Zoe. It has a tonne of filters and little extras including light leaks and changing the shape of your frame. It’s pretty snazzy and I do find myself pulling photos into it often!

DIPTIC: My go-to collage app. I also use this app on my Macbook to create collages with ease. I don’t often collage my images but I do like to do that “”mirrored” effect so use this to do that.

My Tips

Take as many as you need!

I normally snap between 5-10 times per Insta-subject. I change things like composition, exposure and different framings until Im happy. Having a few to pick from also means you can pick out the best and edit away! Just remember to delete the photos you haven’t used - I’m sure we’ve all had the dreaded “No Storage” message pop up frequently!

Popular Images

Things that go down well on my feed are NOTD’s, OOTDS, pretty cafes, cakes and photos of my kitty. I like a mixture of all different bits and bobs on my feed but I find myself liking a lot of photos of food, cute pets, holidays and flowers. Rule of thumb, think about what you like to see on Instagram and try and take that into your own feed.

Take Selfies the right way!

Did you know the volume button on the side of you’re iPhone will help you take selfies? Instead of tapping the screen you just click the side buttons you use for volume. Trust me - It’s a life changer.

I hope this little talk has helped you in some way. I don’t want to come over all basic and blah but I know we all appreciate a good Instagram feed. Feel free to follow me over on my Instagram @llymlrs!

This post is scheduled - I am currently travelling around Asia returning August 25th