are horoscopes real do you believe in horoscopes

Recently on a browse around everyones favourite website - Topshop - I saw they had released a bunch of Horoscope tee’s. I decided to purchase one as I thought they looked super cool. I’m a Taurus, born on the cusp of Aries and Tarus but I personally identify with the traits typically associated with a Taurian. Down to earth, generous, persistent, independent… materialistic… stubborn… self indulgent. Ahem.

As part of my daily internet routine I find myself logging on to to see what my daily forecast is. Despite all this I don’t really believe in Horoscope predictions. I believe that life constantly changes and by making a small decision it could change the outcome completely. Nothing is predestined and you make your own choices.

None the less, I really enjoy reading horoscopes my Granny often clips them out of the paper or her magazines to send to me and I often find myself smiling on the inside when they feel “right”. Theres something somewhat comforting about reading things that you can fit you suit your current prediciment. I use them as a guide, an area of my life I should refocus on. Sometimes they talk about money and I think “hmm maybe I should be more frugal?” or if I do see a handsome stranger on a train that maybe I should say something.

It’s something I consider but in all I don’t think they really mean anything. Most of the time I feel horoscopes could relate to anyone living a normal life. But I do think they give people hope, inspire and some life areas to think about. If it |means anything” or not will be always up for debate.

What do you think? Do you believe in Horoscopes?

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