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To follow on from my previous Beauty Confession posts here and here. I thought I’d divulgence a few more of my beauty secret. Because we all have those things we cba at!


I literally hate anything to do with moisturising my body. I know I should moisturise my body. Even more so as the weather is turning my knee’s and elbows are looking a little shabby round the edges. I just hate the whole faff of waiting for it to dry, being all sticky and feeling coated in something. I do have a Lazy Girls guide on how to moisturise if you really ceebs.

Life without Liner

I wore cat eyeliner daily for probably about 5 years. The first time I put it on was at at friends house just before a night out. She let me borrow her L’Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss and paitnetlally showed me how to do it. I still love that liner now, and it’s my favourite drugstore eyeliner of all time. After a bit of practice, it became my signature look, and I havent looked back since. While I have recently been weening myself off the flick slowly, Trying to adjust to having more nude eyes. I do miss it on the days I don’t wear it because I don’t feel like I look myself! So weird!

Secret to my Brows

There really isn’t one but I always get asked about my brows and how I maintain them. Last year I let them grow for about 6 weeks, I didn’t touch them AT all. As someone who after a week is verging on monobrow territory it was hell. But leaving them to grow out made such a huge difference to my brows and since then I’ve just been working and working on getting them closer together. Slowly but surely they are getting to the way I want them. Im a real eyebrow snob and I refuse to let anyone touch them unless I trust them. I get them threaded every two weeks by a lady at the end of my road. She does a brilliant job for just £3.