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I know my blog isn’t a music blog as such but I’d be lying if music wasn’t a huge part of my life right now. Im also really ill so I can’t really face putting makeup on and getting out of bed. I’ve always been a bit iffy about changing my content up and trying new things for the fear of people telling me to GTFO and do a gratuitous outfit post. But I think as I’ve changed in the last year, my interest in clothes has diminished and I’ve wanted to explore different types of content but without straying too far away from what I really like. While I'll still be doing outfits and stuff I want to add a music section to my blog and hopefully you’ll be into it! If not… I’m sorry (not sorry). Today I thought I’d talk about three new(ish) tracks that you should listen to. I have made a video of this on my second youtube channel but if you CBA to watch it I’ll be writing about them too. Here are a few things that are really floating my boat right now and I thought I’d share them with you all.

Alt J - Left Hand Free
I like and loathe Alt J ∆ . Mainly because they remind me of my ex boyfriend and I find the singers voice to be annoying sometimes. None the less their new track Left Hand Free is pretty funky. It's the first single from their new Album which comes out in September. A departure from their border psychedelic alt rock dub pop come jazz to something that's a little more old school rock and roll. It’s a very un-Alt J track, in fact it’s nothing like I’d imagined it’d sound. It’s a change for the triangle ones but I really like it - it’s dead good.

Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979
I absolutely love Death From Above 1979 and this new track has been a long time coming. It’s their first release since 2004 when they released their debut “You're A Woman, I'm A Machine”. When I heard they were releasing new material I was so excited. DFA are a scuzzy extra loud dance punk duo. Trainwreck sounds like Death From Above - energetic, pounding, loud as hell and something you can dance to. It lacks the aggressive undertone from other DFA songs but it’s something you can’t help move your feet to. I have a feeling it’s going to make them pretty big  and open them up to a totally new audience this year. It feels like a really radio friendly track, but I don’t necessarily feel like that's a bad thing.

I Hope this whole thing didn't Frighten You - The Hold Steady
I absolutely adore the Hold Steady. I tried desperately get tickets to their London show a few months ago but despite doing everything in my power I couldn’t get tickets. Their songs are basically about people, drugs, love/lust, partying too much and then redemption curves. My pick of their new album Teeth Dreams is I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You.  It’s a very Hold Steady style song, it tells a story about a person and makes you feel something. Craig is so good at characterisation. I do think Teeth Dreams was a weak album in terms of what the Hold Steady are capable of. Boys and Girls in America is literally THE best ever and I totally recommend listening to it.

So there are three tracks you should listen to right now! Let me know in the comments what you think about them and if you’ve heard anything new that you think I might like!