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These snaps are actually from June, but I never got around to posting them. They were taking during a soggy week in June, which in sharp contrast to the disgustingly muggy weather we have here right now. The jacket is actually Dal's (my housemate) but I have been on the hunt for my own that is just as nice. It's actually surprisingly hard to find a trench coat that looks right on my frame. I have short legs and a long body and I'm finding that nothing sits in a flattering way! If anyone has a nice one then do let me know!

This is such a classic british outfit and I absolutely love it. Despite the fact the idea of wearing jeans terrifies me right now, this is just one of those go-to awesome easy outfits.

Illness Update: I went to a walk in clinic today and they told me they thought I have some sort of virus which is messing with my body temperature and giving me the flu-like symptoms. They don't know what exactly but it seems to be easing off a little. Not fun but I do feel a lot better today - Well enough to actually do some work and housework. The state of my bedroom has been driving me crazy for the past two days!

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Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @jedijon