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You should in theory wear SPF all year round but I'm one of those people that only reaches for it when the sun shines. I know - I deserve a smack on the wrist. But I am trying.  Today I thought I'd share my two favourites of the moment which have been been making their way into daily rotation over the past few weeks!

I’m sure I’ve been harping on and on about this Benefit Dream Screen for weeks now but it really is outstanding. As someone who hates the feeling of oily, greasy, sticky SPF this has been a life saver. It smooths my skin and keeps oiliness at bay. I also like to pat this on the face on top of makeup whenever my skin needs a SPF top up. The other product I've been enjoying is the Estee Lauder DayWear Advanced Anti-Oxidant & UV Defense SPF 50 is a complex anti oxidant skin protecting cream. It protects the skin, keeps it smooth, comfortable and has SPF 50. This is a little more like a traditional sunscreen compared to the Benefit one. It sinks into the skin quickly and easily. All while feeling light and matte on the skin. 


Estee Lauder Day Wear review swatch

Benefit Dream Screen review swatch

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