review swatch photo

review swatch photo

Creamy cheek highlighters are so in right now. They seem to be trending a lot in the beauty world which really excites highlighted cheek lovers like myself. Two creamy stick’s have been gracing my cheeks as of late so I thought I’d share the brightening love and talk you through them.

First up I have the Topshop Glow Stick - This has been much hyped in the blogging world so naturally I HAD to have it. It’s a twist up creamy highlighter. It’s a sheeny champagne shimmer which really brings out the cheekbones and adds luminance to the face.  A more high end version of this would be the Benefit Watts Up highlighter. I’ve wanted this for so darn long so when I got my paws on I couldn’t resist applying it as soon as I got it. Tapped on to the tops of the cheek’s this adds that “Kim Kardashian” style cheek. Really glowy, sexy and luminescent. Neither of these highlighters are gritty or glittery, they feel very similar in texture. They glide onto the cheeks with a cream to powder finish which is very lovely.

As it's summer it's the perfect time to ditch the powder and opt for creamier lighter products on the face. A few stripes of this on the high points of the face and blended out to a natural glowy finish. Beautiful.


BENEFIT WATTS UP review swatch
TOPSHOP GLOW STICK review swatch