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Sunscreen and SPF protection is a life essential. It’s not just something we should use in the summer. It causes signs of of ageing  burns, and not to forget—it's a major source of skin cancer. I think it’s really worth getting educated on sun protection because it’s so easy to forget but can have a prolonged effect on how you look. 

what even is it?

SPF is the measurement that sunscreen protection is measured in.  It’s the measurement of how well the sunscreen will protect the skin from UVB rays. For best protection most experts recommend a a SPF of 15 or above. ETA: A lot of people are shocked with how much you should be applying. You should use approximately two milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. Honestly if you went by official guidelines of about 45-85ml (about 9tsps) per applications you'd be using at least one whole bottle of sunscreen (average 200mls) a day. Most people dont use anywhere near that. Although it’s worth noting it’d be hard to apply that much on the body. The less sunscreen you apply the weaker the effect it, for example if you're applying a small amount of 50 it's not going to give you the coverage of a 50 if you only apply a small amount. Studies have shown it can reduce the SPF protection dramatically by not wearing enough. Just apply as much as you can. 


Yes, sunscreen is annoying - it’s another step in a beauty routine. One that not all of us like to actually do when our beauty routines are already stuffed full of products. It should be one of the most important steps in your beauty routine. Just wear it. No if’s no buts. 

let’s Face it

Long gone are the days of wearing pore clogging white casting sunscreen. The beauty world has finally caught up and their are a host of oil free, non greasy and light facial sunscreens. Try and pick something that's hydrating and suitable for your own skin type. Factor 50 is the ideal factor for the face and will protect your skin from the harmful rays.

Decisions Decisions

Pick a body SPF based on a few things - are you going to be swimming? are you going to be outdoors a lot? what consistency do you like? Generally sticking to a lotion or a cream is better as you’re going to be applying it with your hands to ensure you have even coverage. While wipes and sprays are convenient they aren’t the best for knowing where you’re applying things. Remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day and always remember to pop it on your feet!