Escentric Molecule 01 review swatch photo

Escentric Molecule 01 got a lot of hype in the blogging world last year, but I wasn't overly interested int it for the longest time. I ordered it off Cult beauty one day when I was feeling uninspired with my current stash and wanted to switch it up. I love fragrance and have a huge collection of different perfumes and to be honest… I was totally underwhelmed by this.

The scent to be flits about and sometimes it smells good sometimes it doesn't. I know that it’s supposed to be something that mixes with your natural pheromones to create a bespoke scent. I can get notes of cedar and some sandalwood… It’s very woody at times then at others its a bit… horrible?I do like the perfume layered with other scents (it brings out woodier notes) but alone it just doesn't do it for me. No one has asked me what I’m wearing and I get more compliments from the body spray I wore a few days ago. Maybe my chemistry just wasn't made for this scent!


Escentric Molecule 01 review swatch
Escentric Molecule 01  £35