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Oh teasing. One of the oldest techniques in the book but the easiest to get wrong. Backcombing is the backbone of most runway and red carpet hairstyles, it gives the hair a base or a foundation to build volume on and create the shapeIts one of my favourite ways to give my hair a bit of a boost but when it's done wrong it can look a littleCavewoman goes to Texas.


The Tool

Don’t use a fine tooth comb! These can be more damaging to the hair when not used correctly. Invest in a teasing brush, you can ice them up from most drugstores for a couple of pounds. Typically made from boar brushes to five friction without resulting in breakage. I have a pink Denman Dressing Out Brush which I’ve used for absolute years now!

The Product 

As you want to create grip in the hair its best not to do this on freshly washed hair without prepping it first. Use a dry texturising spray or dry shampoo to add a bit of dirt into the hair to reduce slippage. Apply this to the roots and mid lengths of the hair, skip conditioner and wait you have the perfect base. I currently really like the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray to give the hair a matte base. Post tease finish the hair with a light but firm hold hairspray to lock everything in. I'm all about the Elnett hairspray - it’s iconic.

The stroke

Section the hair into about 1 inch sections and Start right at the root and brush against the gain and towards the scalp using small, short strokes. I prefer to apply backcomb in sections and smaller pieces and build them up rather than doing large areas at once. Make sure you try and keep the backcomb close to the root as this results in less of a matted look and just a nice bit of a root boost. Remember to leave the top section un-teased so you can smooth it over the teased hair underneath - This gives a more natural blend.


 charles worthington volume & bounce texturising spray review swatchdenman dressing out brush
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray  review swatch
charles worthington volume & bounce texturising spray