best natural bronzers

Bronzer is among one of my favourite things in the world. But I’m well aware some people are a little bronzer-ly challenged and it’s actually quite a tricky step in makeup routines. Today Im talking bronzing 101 - everything from picking the right shade, how to use it properly and keep it looking natural.

Picking a Tone

As a starter rule start with a bronzer two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Next it’s important to pick a tone suitable for the undertone of your skin. Warm skin tones sit golden brown shades and Yellow toned skin looks great with warm and peachy shades with a brown undertone. Cooler skin tones are much harder to find bronzers that suit, pick rosier tones and make sure that it doesn’t look muddy on the skin tone. In almost all cases try to steer clear of reddy bronzers, they don’t really suit most skin tones.

Matte, Matte, Matte

Matte bronzer is the most natural looking because it can give a natural shadow and contour the face. Shimmer dominates the bronzing world but the most natural looking bronzers are the matte ones. A little glimmer in your faux glow will give you that classic J-Lo glow but try and keep it minimal.


Apply your bronzer in small circular motions over the nose, cheekbones and temples. I like to use the "3 B” method, sweeping the bronzer on in the shape of a 3 and a B on the face. Also remember to blend it right down into the neck to keep it looking super natural and blended right down.


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