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review swatch photo

review swatch photo

The jury is still out if Kylie Jenner has actually got her lips done or not but damn, the lip colour she has been sporting recently is really nice. A proper retro mauvey brown matte shade which is a "my lips but better shade" but a little darker. It feels really 90's, which suits her current look down to a tee. I did slightly overdraw my lips here to attempt to recreate the fullness she has, but personally I think she's more than likely had fillers than the joys of puberty like she claims. I used the Topshop Lip Bullet in Tamed and then patted on some translucent loose powder to give it a more matte finish. I personally really like this more brown toned nude than I'd normally opt for. It's more flattering than I thought!


topshop tamed review swatch
topshop lip bullet in tamed

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