I am not a morning person. Getting up out of my cocoon and getting ready is among my least favourite things to do in life. I often find it difficult to get everything I need to get done before I leave the house. Hair is the one think I tend to cut down on in the morning. Makeup is something I can’t skimp on, but washing my hair in a morning rush - NO THANKS. Here are a few of my morning hair cheats.

Dry Spell

If you haven’t used a dry shampoo then you haven’t lived. It’s a must have for any beauty junkies hair routine and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. If you wake up without time to wash your hair then spray this into the roots and shake out. Batiste is my go-to dry shampoo. Cheap and cheerful and is just as good as it’s more expensive alternatives. I like to cheat in this step too and use a dry shampoo hairspray hybrid to give volume and texture. My pick would be the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Casual Rough Texturiser, it gives a effortless dishevelled matte finish with a bit of a volume boost. It’s also cheaper than my HG hair product Oribe Dry Texturising Spray.

Sleep On it

Occasionally I like to over curl my hair before I go to bed and leave it to drop overnight for a looser undone feel. Ideal as I tend prefer second day curls as they always have that no fuss - effortless look about them. Try taking smaller sections than you would normally, keeping in mind that over night they are going to drop significantly while you’re sleeping on them. My favourite curling tong at the moment is the Babyliss Pro Curling Wand. It’s a conical barrel which works wonders to give a dreamy undone tousled look.

Fail Safe Styles

I think we all have our signature hairstyles, Mine is just the messy bob. Nut sometimes these signature looks take a little longer creating than we’d like. But keeping a few extra preplanned hairstyles in your styling arsenal will cut down morning hair routine time significantly! A bun is my go-to morning hair option when Im out of time and my hair needs to look like I’ve done something to it. Other quick morning hairstyles could be Milkmaid braids, a fishtail plaid or even a slick ponytail. Practice a few times and get it down to a quick two minute routine.


toni & guy rough Texturiser review swatchTONI & GUY ROUGH TEXTURISER
BaByliss Pro Curling Wand review swatch
BaByliss Pro Curling Wand